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Dennis Rodman's crazy stats in his first season with the Spurs

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Dennis Rodman was and still is an eccentric guy. He has his way of doing things regardless of other people's opinions, and he followed that rule during his NBA career. Before the start of the '93/'94 season, The Worm demanded a trade from the Detroit Pistons mainly because coach Chuck Daly left the team. Rodman had trouble keeping his focus, but it was even more challenging for the team to deal with his off-the-court antics after Daly left.

However, Dennis was still a great basketball player. He started as a defensive specialist but gradually became a rebounding machine. In the '92/'93 season, Rodman grabbed 18.3 rebounds per game and led the NBA in rebounding. Still, it became apparent that 'the worst boy' was not willing to go back to Detroit, and he ended up in San Antonio, which was a weird fit. Even at the time, it was hard to imagine that such a reckless guy could work within the Spurs' strict work ethic and team culture. Rodman later revealed his nickname was The devil. 

That’s when Greg Popovich was the GM. He didn’t like me at all. I wasn’t the church-going guy, and David Robinson called me the devil. I said, okay, man, whatever. I said you didn’t pay me to be f***ing nice. You paid me to win f***ing.

Dennis Rodman, via Cold As Balls

Nevertheless, the Spurs acquired Rodman from the Pistons right before the 1993-94 season for 24-year-old All-Star Sean Elliott. In his first season with the Spurs, Rodman had similar numbers to the season before that, averaging 4.7 points, 17.3 rebounds, and 2.3 assists per game. And in his first season, he recorded some outrageous numbers.

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During the first season with the Spurs, the Worm had a total of 27 games with 20 or more rebounds, and in six of them, he didn't score a point. Here are some of his most memorable games with 20+ rebounds and zero points.

On December 1st, 1993, the Spurs played against the Charlotte Hornets and won the game with 92 to 88. David Robinson led the Spurs with 31 points and ten rebounds, but Rodman had one of the most Rodman games ever. In 45 minutes, he recorded 28 rebounds (ten offensive), he added three assists and zero points. He did try to score, though, but he missed all of his five field-goal attempts.

Rodman was also in his zone in a loss against the Phoenix Suns on November 10th, 1993. It was a battle between Robinson (32 points) and Barkley (35 points) that Chuck won in the end. Rodman grabbed 25 rebounds in that game, along with two assists and zero points. He had one field goal attempt, but he missed it.

Just two days after the mentioned game against the Suns, Rodman had a similar stat line. The Spurs lost a tight game against the Sacramento Kings with 91 to 93, with Rodman getting boards on both ends of the floor. He had 11 offensive and 13 defensive rebounds and ended the game with no points to his name in 43 minutes that he played. However, he had one field goal attempt, which he didn't make.

In a 107-91 win against the Sacramento Kings on January 25th, 1994, Rodman didn't even look at the basket. Dennis played 36 minutes against the Kings, and he grabbed 20 rebounds with no points that night. He even didn't try to score; he ended the game without any field goal attempts that night.

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