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Dennis Rodman shares the worst pick-up lines he heard from women and men approaching him: "I hate my husband. I need someone that's gonna satisfy me."

Dennis Rodman experienced quite a few awkward moments on the height of his popularity from people wanting to get to know him
Dennis Rodman shares the worst pick-up lines he heard from women and men

Dennis Rodman was a cultural icon at the height of his popularity

At the height of his popularity, Dennis Rodman was one of the most desirable athletes on the planet and a cultural icon on the same level as an NBA superstar. Because of his immense popularity and extravagant lifestyle, he was approached by many women and even some men who found him exciting and wanted to be with him. 

Wild offers

During the second part of the 90s, Dennis Rodman was probably even on the same level of popularity as his teammate Michael Jordan. Being a member of the legendary Chicago Bulls squad helped Rodman quite a bit to gain recognition, but his extravagant personality and overall appearance made him a celebrity. Rodman's relationship with several famous actresses, singers, and models and the numerous crazy things he did in the spotlight made him a fan favorite because he was honest to himself and didn't care what other people thought of him.

In his book "Walk On The Wild Side" Rodman talks about what popularity brought him in terms of opportunities to have casual sexual encounters with other people, mostly women but some men as well. For him, most of them seemed crazed about his fame and big personality, so the offers were pretty straightforward, but he refused most of them. There was even coverage of Dennis Rodman taking a TV crew into a club where numerous women were going crazy and letting him know what they wanted from him. 

"Women and men are always hitting on me and seem to think they can say anything to try to get me in bed. I've used some awful pickup lines myself, but I rarely have to break them out anymore because everyone's always coming after me." 

The list of all the pick-up lines Dennis heard from people approaching him is hilarious and shows everyone had different reasons for wanting to have sex with Dennis. 

The List:

10. Can I just touch you?

9. I think you're the sexiest man alive.

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8. I'm from Detroit (or Dallas, or San Antonio, or Chicago. 90 percent of all people who talk to me are from one of those places)."

7. I haven't spoken to you all day, but I'll f**k you now.

6. If I was 10 years younger, I'd be f***ing you. (An 80-year-old lady said this to me. I was like, "Whoa, okay.")

5. I hate my husband. I need someone that's gonna satisfy me.

4. Remember that night we got together, and I was naked, and you were naked, and we just wore each other out? (Yeah, right.)

3. Normally, I'm not attracted to guys, but I'd love to be with you. (A lesbian said that to me.)

2. I want to do you like Madonna. If you f***ed her, you must be pretty good.

1. Your d**k would look really good in my mouth."

Rodman also said he mostly ignored all those requests because, as may as weird it sounds to someone, he mostly wanted to connect with a person before having any type of sexual intercourse. His openness and sense of freedom attracted all those people because he didn't live by the societal norms and was true to himself. On top of that, he was the best defender and rebounder in the NBA, which solidified him as a cultural icon of his time.

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