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Dennis Rodman recalls one of the wildest nights in his life after a home opener against the Philadelphia 76ers: "I was like a man possessed"

Dennis Rodman had a lot of crazy and bizzare nights in his life but one night out after a home opener will always remain one of his favorite memories
Dennis Rodman recalls the wildest night of his life

Rodman details how after a home opener against the Sixers, his friends were in town, and soon enough, he felt ready to have a memorable night out

Dennis Rodman is one of the most unique and interesting personalities in NBA history, on top of being regarded as the best rebounder and one of the best defensive specialists that ever stepped on the basketball court. His eccentric behavior and massive popularity during his time with the Chicago Bulls enabled Rodman to have the same type of recognition and interest from the public as his teammate Michael Jordan

Rodman wasn't afraid to be different than other NBA players

We've written previously of some of the most interesting off-the-court anecdotes from Rodman's life, and there were plenty of them that sounded pretty wild and somewhat bizarre. Rodman was a known party animal who wasn't afraid to go all out no matter what time of the year, whether in the off-season, regular season, playoffs, or the NBA Finals. His mindset was that no one could stop him from doing what he wanted to do, and he often had the green light for those unusual activities. 

In his book Walk on the Wild Side, Rodman recalls one of the wildest nights of his life when he actually wanted to lay low and avoid going out and partying. During the 1996/97 season, which was his second year with the Bulls, Rodman thought of stopping a wild lifestyle for a while; however, after one game against the Philadelphia 76ers, he was back to his old habits.

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Rodman details how after a home opener against the Sixers, his friends were in town, and soon enough, he felt ready to have a memorable night out. 

"I was thinking things would be more mellow in 96-97, and I kept things relatively low-key during "training camp and the exhibition season. But something clicked on the night of our home opener against the Philadelphia 76ers, and it was like, here we go again. After the game a bunch of us, including my crazy friend Billy from Dallas, went out to dinner and to this bar called the Drink, which was raging. Then we went to Crobar, and FROM THE MOMENT I WALKED IN THERE I WAS LIKE A MAN POSSESSED.

The wildest night in his life

For Rodman, attending wild parties surrounded by exciting people was a common occurrence; however, that night at Crobar will forever stick with him because of the show he put on for everyone present at the club. After feeling a sudden burst of positive energy and the desire to go wild, Rodman made the people go crazy with his performance in a cage above the dance floor. 

"Everyone was screaming for me and grabbing me as I walked by, and this techno-house music was blaring away, just hypnotizing people. The MUSIC AND THE PANDEMONIUM just took hold of me, and it was like this volcano of energy was building up inside my body. I had to explode, and before I knew what I was even doing I was climbing up into one of the cages above the dance floor. There were three hot women in skimpy leather outfits up there, and they were very happy to see me. We Started DRY-HUMPING each other and SIMULATING SEX while we danced, and people below were loving it, screaming for more. I took off my shirt and threw it down through the bars in the cage and danced with one of the women while the other two pretended to hump each other. SOON MY PANTS WERE DOWN TO MY KNEES, and everyone was checking out my ass. When I got down from the cage, people were reacting so outrageously to my performance that I got pushed into this corner by the edge of one of the bars and stayed there the rest of the night."

Rodman often talked about the sense of freedom he always aspired to, especially after becoming a well-known athlete, which didn't stop him from doing anything he wanted because he didn't react well to constraints. That is something that the Bull's head coach, the legendary Phil Jackson, understood perfectly well about Rodman and let him operate in a manner he desired as long as he gave him 100 percent every game, which he did every single time. 

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