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Dennis Rodman explains why LeBron James and Kobe Bryant could never have been like Michael Jordan: "He's God!"

Very interesting take from "The Worm".
LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and Dennis Rodman

LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and Dennis Rodman

The legend of Michael Jordan is so iconic and valued in the NBA world that his legacy and influence since his heyday in the 90s' really hasn't even dropped till today, being the consensus greatest basketball player of all time for the majority of people in the NBA world. The younger fans try to make a case for LeBron James or Kobe Bryant, but NBA legend and Jordan's former teammate, Dennis Rodman, once explained there is a gap between MJ and everyone else.

Give him the ball and watch the magic happen

For the second three-peat of the Chicago Bulls in the 90s', MJ had the luxury of having his former foe from the 80s, Dennis Rodman, be on his side and give him a much-needed push. "The Worm" would slide into the power forward position and play his role perfectly, doing the dirty work and little stuff that makes championship teams complete.

That would result in three more championships for Jordan and Rodman, who became very close despite being two entirely different off-court personalities. One was a relentless worker obsessed with the game and perfecting his craft, while the other was a laid-back and eccentric personality that was all about having a good time.

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But when it came time to do business on the court, the two would line up perfectly and leave their all for the sake of winning. Jordan often voiced his praise for Rodman and his role on the Bulls, while Dennis also didn't mince words on Jordan's greatness.

In an old interview, Rodman was asked if there could even be another Michael Jordan, to which Dennis simply explained why that is not possible:

"I don't think anyone can control the game, and the fact when you get the ball in his(Jordan) hand, it's gonna be good. You can give it to Kobe, this, give it to LeBron, any player today, but it's not like Michael. You knew. People was like, oh God, when you get that ball, saying, oh my God. Of course! He's God!"

Dennis Rodman, The Universe Galaxy

You just had to be there to capture the magnitude of Jordan's presence and how fans and everybody around would just stop and watch when he had the ball in his hands. That impact is not something that can be backed up or proven by numbers or stats. It's simply the feeling you had seeing Michael at his apex, and Rodman had the chance to see it in full effect. So it's no wonder he puts MJ on a pedestal even ahead of the likes of LeBron or Kobe.

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