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Dennis Rodman before he met Carmen Electra: "I was having sex with so many women that it became like a job"

Dennis Rodman on his life before Carmen Electra

Dennis Rodman on his life before Carmen Electra

Dennis Rodman is known as the NBA's wild child. It's been over two decades since he retired, and nobody has taken this crown from the five-time NBA Champion. Fans, both old and new, cannot help but fantasize how Rodman would fare in this day and age of social media. 

Juggling women

The Last Dance gave fans both a glimpse and a reminder of how crazy Rodman's off-court lifestyle was. One instance that stood out was when Michael Jordan himself fetched Rodman from Las Vegas and saw model Carmen Electra in the room with him. It is not so much of a mystery how Rodman and Electra met. After all, the two belong to the same celebrity circle. 

But in Rodman's book, "I Should Be Dead By Now: The Wild and Crazy Times of the NBA's Greatest Rebounder," the Worm dedicated one whole chapter to his relationship with the supermodel. It turns out that Electra wasn't just one of the many women in Rodman's arms. She was special.

"I don’t know what it was. Maybe it was because, at that time in my life, I was having sex with lots of different women. So many that, sometimes, it became like a job, y’know? With Carmen, it was different. It was nice to be hanging with someone, waiting for the right time, the right place, the right moment," Rodman said.

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Given how hectic the NBA regular season is, Rodman had trouble setting up a date with Electra. Let us not forget that Rodman wasn't just part of some other NBA team. He was a member of the Chicago Bulls with a tyrant-like leader in Michael Jordan. They didn't just play the game and ran life ran its natural course; the Bulls were out to win championships.

Rodman said that apart from the games, he was also trying to strip off his habit of hanging out with a new girl almost every night. Finally, Dennis found the time to hang out with the girl who captured his heart.

"I picked her up at the airport and took her to the little brick ranch house I had in Northbrook. The place was all right, but a shack by NBA standards—not the kind of house to impress a Hollywood starlet."

Dennis Rodman, I Should Be Dead By Now: The Wild and Crazy Times of the NBA's Greatest Rebounder

'Do you really live here?' Carmen asked. 'Yep,' Rodman said. "We went to eat sushi, came home, and just lay there in bed and looked at each other and talked, talked, talked. She was there four or five days, sleeping at my house—in my bed—and we never made love.Unreal."

Though Rodman himself admitted to being a playboy, he obviously has a soft side in him. And it was none other than Carmen Electra who unveiled little known persona of The Worm. 

Unfortunately, the two did not end up together. Whatever the case may be, we can all bask in the comfort that Rodman found love, even for a short moment in time.

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