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"Coming into the paint would've not been very wise for Michael!" -- Wilt Chamberlain thinks Michael Jordan would not have been as good in his era

The Wilt-MJ beef was real!
Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain

Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain

Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain are quite possibly the two most imposing individuals and players the NBA has ever had throughout its 75-year history. Usually, when you have two such confident alphas, they usually tend not to be too fond of each other. That is precisely right when it comes to these two.

Different eras

Wilt unquestionably has the most astronomical and best individual numbers in NBA history, but the title of the GOAT still belongs to Jordan. At least for the majority of the NBA world. 

That was the case even during Michael's career, and with Wilt being the confident figure, he has never quite accepted that notion.

We all heard the infamous story of the two meeting at the 1997 All-Star weekend for the ceremony of the 50 greatest players ever and Wilt telling Michael they changed the rules to stop him rather than to help him. But that was only one of many instances in which Wilt shared his lack of enthusiasm for Jordan's legacy.

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One of the more interesting takes Chamberlain had about Jordan's game was the notion that Michael would have struggled in his era due to his physical attributes:

"He's 6'7'' and like 197 pounds. Coming into what we call our domain, the paint for us big guys, we would've not been very wise of Michael if he was playing during our time. We would say, Michael, as long as you do all your fancy things outside of where we are, that's fine."

Wilt Chamberlain, Foobas Sports

What Wilt was trying to say is that Jordan didn't have enough bricks in his back pocket to fly through the air and dunk on the big man of the 60s and 70s like Wilt, Russell, Thurmond, Gilmore, Unseld, and many more. Well, Wilt was always honest and direct, but maybe he was a bit biased with this take.

Jordan is one of the most freakish psychical specimens ever, especially in the first part of his career. At 6'6'' and 200 lbs, MJ could jump to the top of the backboard, run like a deer and go through the strongest defenders.

He had so many amazing dunks in an era of so many great big men that featured quite possibly the most physical and rugged era of basketball. So saying that Michael couldn't get to the basket back then seems a bit ridiculous. But who can argue Wilt and his stance?

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