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Charles Barkley's most controversial joke: "That's why I hate white guys"

The "Chuckster" has been known for blasting his opinion first and thinking about the consequences second since his playing days to being an analyst at TNT.
Charles was a true troublemaker during his playing days.

Charles was a true troublemaker during his playing days.

Charles Barkley is widely known and loved in the NBA world for various reasons. From being one of the greatest power forwards in history to being one of the funniest and honest personalities in NBA waters, making us laugh on TNT for the past 22 years. But also in his life, Charles has gotten into a lot of trouble on and off the court with his confrontational nature and unfiltered statements. It would bring criticism on Charles and mark him a bad person, despite being a genuinely good guy.

Bad joke

Despite being in a comedic mood most of the time, when Charles got mad after losing or getting into it with his opponents, he was a rough person to talk to. But during the 1995 All-Star weekend, a particular question annoyed him so much that he made a comment he certainly didn't mean.

A German reporter was trying to get Charles's opinion on so-called "NBA groupies," but Barkley wasn't having it:

"The groupie thing is a sick subject and you guys should get a f****ng life. MF-ers. That's why I hate white guys."

Charles Barkley, AllBasketballTV

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Barkley would immediately tell reporter Barry Bloom, who was next to him, that he was just messing around and joking, but the media went off, calling out Charles for his comment. All the major networks were trying to make a story out of this and condemn Barkley for being a racist, but Charles himself and the NBA didn't really make too big of a deal out of it, saying they were just hunting for a controversial story.

Although it was a bad-tasted joke that can really be viewed in the wrong way, you can imagine how it would fly today with how sensitive the media is regarding the subject of race. We all know Charles has no problems with white people due to his numerous relationships and great friendships with former teammates and colleagues of that race. The fact is he should have been more careful with his words, but that's just how Barkley operates.

The worst thing that came out of that was that this moment alongside his other scandals, like throwing a guy out of a window, going to jail, or disrespecting a whole country, overshadowed that he has a good heart, proven by numerous stories from people in NBA circles:

The GM of the Sixers, while Charles was in Philly, John Nash, shared a story: "He (Charles) would frequently call our PR guy and say: I'd like to go to a children's hospital. But if I see a camera crew or anybody from the newspaper, I'm not going."

Longtime ESPN reporter Jackie McMullan also shared a moment: "Barkley dove out of bounds for his loose ball and missed me for inches. And I was very pregnant at the time. Afterward, he pulled me aside and said: 'Can I be serious for a minute? You really shouldn't sit there. I would hate for something to happen to you or your baby'."

Those are just a few of many instances in which Charles showed his good heart and nature, proving despite all the crazy stuff he has done on and off the court, the dude is simply nice, funny, and honest, despite having that wild side to him.


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