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Charles Barkley's craziest NBA fights


Leaning into opponents when shooting, asking for a foul after the slightest touch, constant complaining... At times it just doesn't look like a grown man's game.

Of course, the game itself has changed - moving away from the paint so the offense can have a lot more breathing room and scoring opportunities. We're living in an offensively driven NBA era that is faster, more skilled, and more finessed than it was thirty or forty years ago. It can be fun to watch those Kyrie Irving or James Harden flashy handles and drives to the lane; however, we would appreciate them even more if some hard-playing defense confronted them.

When you think about the league's overall toughness thirty or more years ago, it's hard to make comparisons with the modern NBA. Consider the calls the players are getting in the NBA today and compare them to the '80s or the '90s; you would think that you're watching a totally different sport. Some of the toughest players that stepped on the basketball court came from that time. One of them was, without a doubt, Charles Barkley.

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Chuck has never seen a challenge he didn't like, and he never backed down from anyone. He was one of the enforcers. Oh, and Chuck's fights reels are longer than some of today's players' NBA highlights. Here are his five most notable on-court fights.

Golden State Warriors head coach Keith Smart instructs point guard Stephen Curry

“He didn't believe that much in Steph and would bench him a lot” — Jeremy Lin opens up about the rocky relationship between Steph Curry and his former coach Keith Smart

During Steph's second year in the league, he was often yelled at, benched during the 4th quarter, and reprimanded by his former coach, Keith Smart.

Paul Westhead, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and the Lakers

“When you try to reign in a 22-year-old elite athlete from pushing himself to be his best, you’re going to get conflict.” — Kareem weighs in on the Magic vs. Westhead issue

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar walked down memory lane and shared his take on the issue between Magic Johnson and Paul Westhead back in the day.

Utah Jazz guard John Stockton and Earl Watson

”He got real chest hair coming out of his jersey” — Earl Watson recalls when John Stockton took him to school

Earl Watson came up with a counter against John Stockton's tendencies. Little did he know that the Utah Jazz had one move to counter his counter.

Utah Jazz forward Karl Malone and Phoenix Suns forward Charles Barkley

“I have Charles Barkley’s attitude, and my inside game is as powerful as his and Karl Malone’s” — when an NBA rookie boasted about his game

In 1993, Rodney Rogers generated quite a buzz when he claimed that he was a better version of Charles Barkley and Karl Malone.