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Baron Davis talks about his 'Welcome to the NBA' moment featuring John Stockton and Stephon Marbury

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Former NBA player and one of the most electrifying and athletic point guards in recent NBA history, Baron Davis made a guest appearance on the All The Smoke podcast. He talked about his illustrious career, life, and business after his career. One of the most exciting things he touched upon is his welcome to the NBA moment as a rookie when he had to face John Stockton and Stephon Marbury. They made him realize the NBA is no joke and that he will have to bring his best every game if he wants to be successful in the league.

Davis remembers how Stockton took him out of the game so quickly, forcing one turnover after the other while scoring at will, which eventually frustrated Davis so much he wasn't even sure what is going on anymore. The coach took him out of the game, and when he returned, the same thing happened, and this is when Davis saw how great Stockton was even though he was close to 40 at the time.

Imagine just getting into the game, and you look up and try to get an inbound pass, and that s**t gone. You think you have a steal, and that s**t is gone. I was only in the game for like 8 minutes that night, but in the first two minutes, it was just turnover, turnover, bucket, and one, and one. I was like, what the f**k is going on. I go back in, the same s**t, you just couldn't find him, bro. It was embarrassing.

Baron Davis, via ">All The Smoke

Another player that Davis mentions as someone who gave him numerous problems early on in his career was none other than Stephon Marbury. At the time, Marbury was one of the best point guards in the NBA who had a great combination of skills and crazy athleticism. Marbury was capable of dropping 20-25 points on any team in the NBA and was a tough-minded player that backed up everything with a lot of trash-talking. Davis had the opportunity to experience that firsthand, playing against Marbury for the first time.

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The other one was Stephon Marbury. He was killing us, and I was a rookie coming from the bench. He was like, and one and looked at me like 'yeah you don't want none of this, you can't guard me. Eldin Cambell was like; you are going to let him talk to you like that. I was on the bench hot, ready to fight everything, but he was cooking me too.

Baron Davis, via ">All The Smoke

In many of his previous interviews, Davis shared his respect for Stockton as one of the first players that he couldn't figure out when he came to the NBA. On the other hand, Marbury was the other player who gave him problems, which shouldn't come off as a surprise. Marbury was one of the best guards in the league for a few years until he started to decline, and he later decided to play in China.

Davis would later on in his career become one of the best points guards in the NBA in his own right, playing well above the rim while having the skillset to break down every defender. That made him a must-watch player in the league, but injuries would prevent him from having an even better career, even though he was definitely among the top three-point guards in the NBA for a short period.

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