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BARKLEY MOCKS CRAIG SAGER "You got a pimp doing interviews for TNT"


The late great Craig Sager was a sports broadcasting legend. Not only for his competence to do the job, or his unmatched charisma in doing the sideline interviews but for personifying style and becoming the NBA's fashion icon. Sager's iconic fashion choices led to some incredible TV moments, and this is a story of one of them.

We take you back to the '01 NBA All-Star weekend in Washington, more precisely, to the Saturday night NBA Three-Point Contest. As players were warming up, getting their shots up before the start of the event, TNT's broadcasting crew shifted the conversation from basketball to fashion. The reason for it - Craig Sager's suit.

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Sager went for foil-like Versace suit, fitting perfectly into the flashiness that is the All-Star Weekend. His fashion choice had the trio of Ernie, Kenny, and Chuck in tears, with Barkley leading the way of mocking Craig's stylistic approach.

I don't discriminate against anybody. I think at TNT you should hire anybody who's qualified to do a job - black, white, Hispanic, Latin - whatever, but when ya'll start hiring pimps to do interviews during the game, that's where I draw the line. You got a pimp doing interviews for TNT.

Charles Barkley, TNT

Two minutes later, Sager is on the set, with what seems like Charles Barkley Houston Rockets' action figure in his hands. And this was an overweight Chuck figure after Houston gave him a pay cut in his last season in the H-town. The figure was just an overture into Craig's comeback to Barkley's derision.

You may make fun of my clothes, but at least I can fit in them.

Craig Sager, TNT

Than Ernie jumped in with the ', you look like you should be in the oven' comment, and the whole set just busted out laughing. Overall, it was a very entertaining TV moment, as it always is with the TNT crew, and as it always was with an icon that was Craig Sager. A man that will forever be remembered for his humour, his courage, but most importantly - his choices of suits.

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