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"We look at each other" — Andre Miller on farting incidents on the basketball court

From Andre Miller's story, we can conclude that NBA players are just like regular people when it comes to passing gas. They will never admit doing it.
“What’s going on here?” - Andre Miller discusses the evolution of the point guard position throughout his career

Andre Miller

As the saying goes, anything can happen in the NBA. High-flying dunks, impossible game-winners, and many other heroic acts, but also - farting incidents on the court. Andre Miller shared the messy details of when players pass gas during games and how they deal with it.

Who did it?

Miller was asked who he believes is the smelliest NBA player. He didn't share a specific name. Instead, he came up with the sensation of discovering someone had farted. NBA fans will be surprised how often it happens on the basketball court. And just like in our everyday lives — whether in an elevator or a packed subway car — no one wants to admit it.

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"The only thing I can think of is somebody passing gas on the court. It happens a lot, but nobody's gonna claim it. It happens, probably, every eight or nine games. We look at each other, like, 'Was that you?' If you don't, they'll blame it on you," Miller said, per SB Nation.

It makes sense that some would want to find out who can't control their gas. Perhaps, it could be used in a scouting report to find answers to some additional questions. Which NBA players have a burrito for their pre-game meal? Is an NBA game that nerve-wracking that players get so anxious that they pass gas?

Bad breath

Marcin Gortat has a different "stinky" story. According to him, it's not necessarily gas that haunts him. It's players who have bad breath. Again, he didn't drop names. But from his view, many young kids coming to the league from college were on the verge of developing halitosis.

"There's a different thing," Gortat said. "It's not even about the smell from the jersey or not taking showers. The worst part is when your breath stinks bad. I would say there's a lot of kids coming into the league from college and I don't think they're taking care of their teeth and stuff. I don't think they use dentists a lot because some of their breaths are just ridiculous."

People label the likes of Grayson Allen or Bruce Bowen as dirty players. But after what Miller and Gortat shared, we can assume that there's another breed of dirty players lurking in the NBA: those who won't admit to their mistakes and those who haven't been to the dentist since losing their first baby tooth. Adam Silver should start a league-wide investigation to hunt down these perpetrators. 

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