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Andre Iguodala shares a story about how important his college coach was in preparing him to become an NBA player


Andre Iguodala is one of the most respected players in the NBA, who came a long way in his career especially after he joined the Warriors. Throughout his career, he was known as a versatile player who can provide instant offense but also cover the guards and forwards on the opposing teams.

Even though he is known around the league as a player who combined hard work and his talents, Iguodala didn't have the same approach to the game when he was younger playing at the University of Arizona. At that time he didn't fully understand the nature of the game and what it takes to be a great teammate and in an interview, he shared more details on the moment when he knew he might become an NBA player and what kind of mindset he needs to have in order to achieve this dream.

In his last year at college, Igoudala remembered how he just had a triple-double against UCLA but his coach told him he needs to play better which caused a lot of confusion for him but he soon realized everything the coach was saying makes sense especially after NBA scouts started showing up.

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"I was at practice goofing off and Coach O was on my ass. Andre stops goofing off. And the assistant coach Rod pulled me to the side and said: “stop fuckin around, stop bullshitting.” I had a triple-double against UCLA I’ll never forget. And Coach O comes in and says Andre you need to play better this is unacceptable. And now I’m confused. I just had a triple dub and you’re saying I’m playing bad. Then Coach O after the next practice pulls me to the side and says “it’s NBA scouts here, who do you think they’re looking at?” And I say come on coach, Jason Gardner, Luke Walton, Channing Frye...and he says no you idiot they’re looking at you! Why do you think I’ve been so hard on you? To get you prepared. That’s when it clicked for me.”

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