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Allen Iverson's 10-men system for picking up women at NBA games

Questlove, from The Roots, explained why he was always careful when bringing his girl to Sixers games.

Dennis Rodman showed us how women chase NBA players. But Allen Iverson made sure he was the one doing the chasing. And he had a 10-man crew to help him out.

Iverson's system for picking up women at NBA games

Questlove, drummer and primary spokesperson for the revolutionary Philadelphia hip-hop band The Roots, shared his firsthand experiences of watching Iverson's crew go to work at NBA games. The former Sixers' season ticket holder developed a friendly relationship with The Answer, but every time he would bring a date to a game, Questlove had to be on guard against the NBA's biggest Mr. Steal Your Girl at the time.

“I for one am gladChuck is gone cause you can't bring no dime to my seats at the game without fear of his system being in effect.”

Questlove, SB Nation

"He got a squad of 10," Questlove said, describing how Iverson's crew would seek out the most beautiful women in the stands during games. "4 in nosebleed, 4 in lower, 2 on the floor. They work the ENTIRE stadium like a lion seeking whom they may devour."

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"I swear I've seen the DUMBEST doctors bring they lil goomah to the game and let that poor dude run and get a beer or she have to go to the ladies room. Their game is TIGHT son," Questlove continued. "They roll real quick with business cards, after-party with AI, and if they have a date it's all good. Once dropped off to the crib you can dial the number and they will CAR SERVICE you to the location."

In such an environment, the famous musician had to keep his eyes open. "Thank god for respect. but I ain't dumb," he said. "A chick come on the floor with me? She ain't going NOWHERE alone for 2 mins cause these mofos act quick and fast. Every half time his uncles clown me, 'Man you are lucky Chuck love yo ass, cause you know we woulda carded her up right?'"

The most Allen Iverson thing ever

One thing about Iverson; he was always unique and never really cared about what others thought of him. That's why Questlove's story won't come as a surprise to anyone -- this might be the most Allen Iverson thing ever. And depending on who you ask, it might be the craziest A.I. story ever.

Assuming this happened during most of the Sixers' home games -- perhaps even some road games -- and assuming it went on for years, Iverson's 10-men crew, plus all the parties that followed their efforts, must've cost Iverson a fortune. Was it worth it -- only A.I. and his posse know the answer to that question.

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