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Allen Iverson sheds tears over his most influential teammate.

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Allen Iverson had a reputation of being one of the toughest and most passionate players that ever played the game of basketball. He was a fierce competitor who had a warrior mentality which drove him to be one of the most elite scorers in league history despite being barely 6 feet tall. Apart from being one of the toughest players in the NBA, Iverson is very emotional especially when it comes to his teammates and ex-coaches like Larry Brown.

In one of his older interviews, Iverson was asked about his favorite teammate and he started shedding tears after remembering Aaron McKie with whom he played together for 8 years with the Philadelphia 76ers. McKie was nominally throughout the years the second-best scorer on that Sixers team and during that time according to Iverson they built a relationship off the court which resulted in tremendous respect Iverson has for McKie. McKie helped him in crucial moments of his life which set him apart from other teammates.

"It was Aaron McKie. He was my teammate but it was on another level. He was my teammate and he was my friend. He helped me with a lot of personal issues I had in my life. It was different than just being a teammate. I love a lot of guys that I played with, and I will always love them. I will always feel a certain way about Eric Snow, Theo Ratcliffe. It's always going to be that relationship and it will never go anywhere but Aaron McKey was a different teammate that I had. It was more than basketball when it came to me and him."

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