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Aaron McKie describes Allen Iverson as a teammate: "Like traveling with a rock star"

Aaron Mckie has enjoyed his time with Allen Iverson on and off the court while with the 76ers
Aaron McKie describes 76ers legend Allen Iverson as "a rock star"

Aaron McKie describes Allen Iverson as a rock star

Old-school 76ers fans know that Allen Iverson actually had a consistent scoring partner during his prime. He rarely matched A.I.'s scoring output, but Aaron McKie was a reliable off-the-bench player for the Sixers in the early 2000s.

Undeniably, the spotlight was always on Iverson at the time, and only little was known about McKie. That is why most Philly fans were also not aware that Mckie was one of the people who was regularly within Iverson’s circle.

A relationship that goes beyond the basketball court

Ahead of his first season as the new head coach of his alma mater, Temple University, in 2019, McKie was asked to try and put into words what it feels like to be playing with Iverson.

According to the former Sixers sharpshooter, being alongside a person like The Answer could be simplified by saying it was like touring with a “rock star.”

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“Playing with Allen Iverson was awesome,” McKie said in an interview with Philly Mag. “He was entertaining, he was electric, and we have been great friends. Traveling with him was like traveling with a rock star. I got to see it all."

Reading between the lines, we could safely conclude that Iverson and McKie definitely had their fair share of wild and crazy moments as teammates.

McKie was Iverson’s favorite teammate

From partying for 72 hours before heading into the 2001 NBA All-Star game to reportedly spending $30-40,000 on strip club trips, it is no secret that Iverson was no stranger to a good time, especially during his prime.

There’s a great chance that McKie was often alongside Iverson during those times. However, A.I. himself admitted that McKie was way more than that.

In one of his older interviews, Iverson confessed that most of his former Sixers teammates were close to him, but McKie was his favorite. According to the four-time NBA scoring champ, McKie was one of the few people who was always there for him through thick and thin.

"It was Aaron McKie,” Iverson said. “He was my teammate but it was on another level. He was my teammate and he was my friend. He helped me with a lot of personal issues I had in my life. It was different than just being a teammate. I love a lot of guys that I played with, and I will always love them. I will always feel a certain way about Eric Snow, Theo Ratcliffe. It's always going to be that relationship and it will never go anywhere but Aaron McKie was a different teammate that I had. It was more than basketball when it came to me and him."

Iverson and McKie still hang out together to this day. In fact, they even rang the bell in Philadelphia during a Sixers game in June last year.

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