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[2016] Chris Paul bets Michael Jordan campers get free shoes if MJ misses 3 shots, MJ never misses

A lot of NBA players have said you should “never talk trash to Black Jesus”. And with a reason. You can bring up a hundred stories on why you should never challenge the GOAT at any age, whatever he was in his prime or deep in retirement. Unless you are making that challenge just so you can be reminded why Michael Jordan was, is and will always be the greatest basketball player of all-time.

In 2016 at a Jordan Flight Camp Chris Paul bet against Michael Jordan in front of a bunch of kids at their Flight Camp. He challenged Jordan to play a game of around the world without missing 3 shots. If he misses 3, then every kid in the camp gets free shoes.

It turned out Michael Jordan is still a competitive, cold-blooded assassin. Not only did MJ not miss 3 shots, he didn’t miss any, even with Paul’s hand in his face. Jordan might have been 53 at the time, but he still reminded them all why he is Michael Jordan.

Some thought Jordan would purposely miss three to make sure the kids went home happy. Wrong. You're talking about the most competitive athlete of all-time, so that was never going to happen.

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A reverse situation also happened in which Jordan said that if Paul could MAKE all of his shots, he’d give the campers free shoes. Well, Paul missed one. Nobody has a clue if the kids ever got their free shoes or if they ever will, but it looked like there were a whole lot of kids.

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