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[1998] Grant Hill puts Mourning on a poster


Grant Hill is probably not the first name you think of when you talk about the star players from the ’90s. But if destiny had it different he could have been one of the best players to ever play. Unfortunately, injuries prevented him from becoming what everybody expected him to be, but he still had a solid career.

And in his younger days, he was an athletic freak that was so versatile that he would do anything on the court. Just ask Alonzo Mourning. During a 1998 regular season game between the Miami Heat and the Detroit Pistons, Hill had on his best career plays.

It all started when Mourning set a hard screen on Hill, as they got tangled up. Hill ended up throwing Mourning down, as they both fell down. It led to a small scuffle between the two teams, as they exchanged a few words.

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But the game resumed on and on the next possession Hill took the ball, crossed over Dan Majerle and went to the rim with force as he jumped off two feet and dunked it chest to chest with one hand over Mourning while being fouled.

His teammates were hyped, but Hill stayed extremely cold as he got his revenge over one of the strongest and feared centers in the game. It was just an example of what kind of player Grant Hill was before his injuries and it is a shame that we never saw him fulfill his potential.

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