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[1992] WHY WE LOVE CHUCK Chuck comments on several controversial topics surrounding his basketball career and NBA as a whole.

Charles Barkley

Back in 1992, Sir Charles made a guest appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show, where he commented on several controversial topics surrounding his basketball career and NBA as a whole.

Charles Barkley is one of the most treasured personas in the NBA. People mostly love him for the fact that he'll say everything on his mind, before thinking about it twice. He doesn't have a filter and is genuine in communicating his thoughts.

Chuck talked about his '92 season with Philadephia. It wasn't all roses for Barkley with the Sixers, as their record was 35-47 that year. However, Chuck had something interesting to say regarding his approach to work.

People say, why don't you just ask to be traded? Well, I can't do that. Just because things aren't going well — you can't just quit your job. You know, it doesn't work that easy.

You don't just pack up and leave when it gets tough, and this interview is proof that Chuck is a firm believer in this. It also explains why Barkley never agreed with Durant's decision to jump ship like that.

Arsenio went on to ask Barkley if his controversial behavior ever cost him an endorsement deal, and Chuck had another profound and crowd-pleasing comment.

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You know I make a lot of money, but I am not going to say the right thing, do the right thing all the time. Because if someone asks me a question, you know, if I can say a lie to him to get an endorsement, to me, it's not worth it. Cause the only thing you really have is your soul, and once you sell your soul, you ain't nothing.

Chuck also shared his thoughts regarding athletes generally getting paid too much money.

I think all athletes are overpaid, but the market can support it so the players should earn the money.

3, 4, 5 million dollars is a lot of money to pay people to play sports, but the players should make much because that's how much the market can bear. But that's still a lot of money.

Every professional athlete, every person should get on their knees and pray every night, because oooh I'm lucky.

No wonder Chuck, Shaq, and Kenny laugh it out when they hear news of an All-Star player signing a $200 million contract.


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