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Why Ray Allen is the Barack Obama of the NBA according to Paul Pierce

Paul Pierce also shared why Ray Allen was the glue of the Boston Celtics squad
Why Ray Allen is the Barack Obama of the NBA according to Paul Pierce

Ray Allen

Most people regard Ray Allen as one of the best shooters in the history of the NBA, but before Stephen Curry changed the game, Allen was the man people feared. His former teammate and Hall of Famer Paul Pierce revealed another side of Allen that is not known that well to an average fan; according to the Boston Celtics legend, Ray Allen is the Barack Obama of the NBA.

Barack Obama

Allen and Paul, together with the feisty Kevin Garnett, formed the Boston Celtics Big 3 and won the 2008 NBA Championship. After winning the chip, they remained a top contender in the East. But come 2012, Allen bolted for South Beach — a move Pierce and Garnett didn’t appreciate. Despite this, Pierce has fond memories of Allen’s greatness off the basketball court.

“I would consider Ray ‘The Barack Obama of the NBA.’ He spoke really well. Not that he is not intelligent, but he would come off really well. He can convince you pretty much about anything,” Pierce said, per Undefeated via Andscape.

According to Pierce, Allen’s clear and calm nature worked wonders for the team. He perfectly complemented Pierce and Garnett, especially the latter’s ferocious persona.

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“He was more off into his kids,” Pierce added. “He was like the political side of our basketball team. He was the even-keeled demeanor of our basketball team, which made us so unique. KG was really intense. I was kind of in the middle. Then you had Ray to kind of balance us out.”

Perhaps this is why Pierce and Garnett were hurt upon Allen’s departure. The team worked like a well-oiled machine, given their basketball skills and personalities. KG and Pierce envisioned multiple titles for the team. But alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Allen saw a great opportunity in South Beach.

Reading and playing basketball

Allen’s fluency may be credited to him being a voracious reader. According to him, once he set foot in the NBA, his reading habits accelerated out of necessity. Allen needed to fill in the void during those long road trips.

“I’ve always been a reader,” Allen once told The Boston Globe. “Once I got to the NBA, I picked it up again because I had so many lonely nights where I was on a plane, we lost, my mind just kind of was blank. So I started reading books more then, started reading things, going to different places in my mind.”

Rivers, Allen’s coach in Boston, confirmed that the 3-point assassin was like a sponge. He was always looking for something to take in.

“If he saw you reading a book, it was guaranteed the next day he would have it,” Doc Rivers said. “He was a seeker of information.”

Perhaps this debunks the perception that athletes are just "dumb jocks." While this may be partially true, this only applies to some people in the NBA — and not to Allen. The man can shut you up with his basketball skills and humble you with his verbal eloquence and intelligence.

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