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Why Las Vegas will never have an NBA team


The All-Star weekend is one of the most anticipated events of the NBA season. All the biggest stars of the game gather in one place to display their skills in front of the world and put on a show. It's a fun weekend and a huge tradition for the NBA. Back in 2007, the league decided to experiment and host the All-Star in a weekend in a city without an NBA franchise, Las Vegas. Safe to say, things went off the rails.

A fun weekend on the court

The 2007 NBA All-Star weekend would be the first one in history organized in a city without an NBA franchise. And where better than one of the most glamourous cities in the world, Las Vegas. A city known for its casinos, hotels, resorts, and nightlife, rightfully nicknamed the "City of Sin." A greatly popular tourist spot that attracts people from all over the world.

So when the NBA announced the 2007 All-Star weekend would be held there, a lot of excitement about the whole event started to rise. Well, the festivities would deliver. Dwyane Wade took home the skills challenge, Jason Kapono dominated the three-point contest, and Gerald Green beat out Nate Robinson in an exciting dunk contest. Kobe Bryant would lead the West to a 21- point victory while taking home the MVP award to cap off the weekend. And who could forget the iconic race and kiss between Charles Barkley and Dick Bavetta.

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The dark story behind the bright lights

Unfortunately, what made this weekend controversial was all the stuff happening outside the arena. Vegas by itself on a typical weekend is pretty rowdy. But as this was the All-Star weekend, a bigger than usual crowd of celebrities hoarded town and organized numerous parties. All that led to things going a bit crazy.

Between the start of the weekend and Mondy, 362 people got booked into the Clark County Detention Center, while the Police had about 400 routine interventions. There were even rumors about a murder, with a body falling off a top of a Casino. There were countless crimes committed, and the whole situation outside of the arena was highly uncomfortable.

Players hesitated to leave their hotel rooms and do any events outside of NBA's festivities. After the reports of those numbers and crimes were revealed after the weekend, the situation became pretty clear. The huge crowd of people, celebrities, and thugs running through all the casinos and clubs simply had no other way of ending. Also, a lot of racism was involved, with the large number of black people in the city being blamed for the incidents.

All the violence, crimes, and racism overshadowed a great weekend of NBA basketball. So when people wonder why the NBA hasn't expanded to Las Vegas considering the big market and potential, the 2007 All-Star weekend answers the question. There would probably be way too many off-court problems and drama for the NBA's liking. That's why NBA fans in Las Vegas will have to settle for the Summer League, at least for now.

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