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When Charles Barkley was almost stabbed by a sportswriter from Chicago

A local sportswriter named Christopher Vincent was ready to attack Charles Barkley with a knife until Jayson Williams stepped in and hit him over the head with a mug.
Philadelphia 76ers forward Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley

NBA Hall-Of-Famer Charles Barkley had a checkered past outside the basketball court. He was sent to jail multiple times for getting into altercations, and fights. There was that time in 1997 when the current Inside the NBA analyst threw a man out of the window of a Florida restaurant and that time when he was arrested in Milwaukee for punching another man on the street amongst a few others.

When the tables turned

However, there was also a time in his career when Barkley was allegedly at the receiving end of an assault. In 1992 during the Philadelphia 76ers (Barkley’s team at that time) road trip to Chicago, the forward was almost stabbed at the bar of Hyatt Regency Hotel.

According to Barkley’s former teammate Jayson Williams, a local sportswriter named Christopher Vincent was ready to attack Barkley with a knife until Williams stepped in.

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We were in a bar in Chicago, and somebody tried to pull a knife out, somebody did pull a knife out on Charles Barkley when we were in the bar, and I hit him over the head with a mug. The guy got arrested and we went on from there… [we] shouldn’t have been there,” Williams recalls.

The plot thickens

Vincent was then charged with aggravated assault end ended up serving time in prison. However, here’s when the plot thickens: Barkley and Williams reportedly didn’t show up to court when the hearing took place in Illinois, Chicago — which signaled that there was more to the incident than what was initially led on.

According to the local sports writer, it was Barkley and Williams who assaulted him first and twisted the story in a way that made Vincent look like the attacker. Vincent also claimed that Barkley paid off all the eye-witnesses in the bar that night.

After four years, the Illinois court reopened the lawsuit, but this time against Barkley and Williams, whose lawyers eventually managed to get the case dropped. To this day, there’s still a lot of unknown information, but given Barkley’s violent history, it’s not surprising that this corresponding case turned out to be complicated. It’s also worth noting that Barkley and Williams eventually had fallen out after their time together as teammates.

Barkley took Williams under his wing, and after the experience ended, he concluded it was the worst thing that could've happened to a rookie


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