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What’s next for the outspoken Enes Kanter-Freedom? Wrestling it seems.

Kanter says he already has a wrestling offer on the table
Enes Kanter-Freedom taking selfies with fans after a game

Enes Kanter-Freedom

Enes Kanter-Freedom is out of the NBA, but it seems he won’t be unemployed for long. Among the things he considers pursuing after his basketball career is wrestling.

Wrestling as an option

Freedom is jobless, but he’s not rushing to be employed soon. At this stage of his career, there’s a possibility he won’t make it back in the NBA, especially with the verbal jabs against Michael Jordan, Nike, LeBron James, and China. Team owners have different interests to protect, and Enes’ contributions on the court may not be enough reason for any front office to sign him.

In a Let’s Hang episode, Enes Kanter-Freedom shared there’s a possibility he could become a wrestler next as there is already a standing offer to him.

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“I already have an offer, I’m just trying to figure out what is going to happen with this basketball thing. I’m 29, and I want to play another six or seven years in this league. I’m going to figure out my basketball career first and see what’s going to happen. I already have an offer, I’m just not taking it right now. I love basketball and I’m not going to quit basketball.”

Enes Kanter-Freedom, Let's Hang

If you are wondering where wrestling came from, the center is no stranger to the sport itself. He has appeared several times in the past as a guest and even won a title after defeating 24/7 Champion R-Truth.

Consequences of his statements

On the entertainment side, watching Kanter-Freedom do his thing in a wrestling ring could entice the fans. But it would be a stark contrast to what he’s been doing all his career. The controversial comments about forced labor and against world leaders factored in why teams won’t pluck him out of the free-agent market. And Freedom has to live with those consequences. The NBA remains a global business, and it aims to protect its partners around the world.

As VOA News reported, when you search Enes Kanter-Freedom in China, there will be no results, instead, his name comes up as player no. 13 for the Boston Celtics. The 11-year-veteran ruffled some feathers, and it should not be a surprise it all led to this.

If Kanter-Freedom decides to try wrestling as a profession, it’s perfectly within his rights to do so. But re-enacting scripted routines in the wrestling cage might not make him a credible spokesperson for fighting inequalities.


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