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Top 3 players to party with according to Ryan Hollins

Ryan Hollins' shortlist consists of three iconic point guards. They just don't dish out assists, they also shared the wealth.
Memphis Grizzlies center Ryan Hollins

Ryan Hollins

Ryan Hollins was a journeyman who, in his 11-year NBA tenure, played for nine different teams. Safe to say that he has seen everything the NBA has to offer, especially the best players to hang out with after extended breaks in between games or the offseason. Hollins ranked the top 3 players he had the most fun partying with during his NBA stint.

The Party GOAT

According to Hollins the GOATs of partying are, in no particular order, Chris Paul, Jason Terry, and Jason Kidd. Note that Hollins played 27 games for the Dallas Mavericks in the 2008-09 season. He also spent two seasons with the LA Clippers.

I gotta think… Who was the best guy party-wise? I would say the veterans who pay, man. (laughs) Yeah, if you went out with a Chris Paul or a Jason Terry or if Jason Kidd showed up somewhere, everything was paid for. There’s like five limos outside, bottle service and everything is taken care of whereas, with the regular guys, you’re kind of on your own,” Hollins said, per Hoops Hype.

Hollins did not just limit the list to the three iconic guards. From Hollins’ experience, those players who are under max contracts and “super veterans” are the ones you should be partying with.

But those max-contract guys and super veterans with 10+ years, you’re going to be taken care of at whatever event you go to with them. That’s going to be an A++ event!” Hollins said.

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One might feel that Hollins is bluffing. But there are actual receipts — in the form of first-hand narratives and videos — that NBA superstars do not mind burning thousands of dough in one night.

Perhaps the best one is Kobe Bryant’s $22,000 treat to Chandler Parsons and the Houston Rockets. Unlike Hollins, Parsons wasn’t even teammates with the star who took care of him.

James Harden isn’t just known for his lethal stepback move. He’s also built a reputation as a strip club sniper. He’s also good friends with rapper Lil Baby whom he gifted $100,000 cash.

Of course, we’ve heard the numerous stories of Shaq randomly buying stuff for random people. He’s bought shoes for kids, paid for an engagement ring, some computers, and a lot more. During his playing days, Shaq has probably treated his teammates to a good night out.


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