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Tim Duncan is one of the biggest "Nerds" in the NBA

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In the eyes of the many NBA fans and analysts, Tim Duncan is considered one of the best PF's to ever play in the NBA. However, a lot of fans don't know Tim Duncan is a low key geek who spent his free time playing a lot of video games.

Aside from his tremendous talents on the basketball court, Tim Duncan is a very good player in the fantasy role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons.

According to the “Biggest Geeks in Sports” article by Amber Lee, “There may be no better defining geek activity than the notoriously nerdy fantasy role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons.” Duncan, an avid gamer, hasn’t admitted which class he prefers, but I can only assume the wizard because of his tattoo.

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If you haven’t already heard, Duncan sports a pretty geeky Merlin tattoo on his chest. Alongside his Merlin tattoo, Duncan also has a skeleton jester on his right shoulder.


Duncan is also an avid fan of collecting swords and knives. He owns a collection of valuable old knives, as well as an authentic Japanese samurai sword. He is also a frequent renaissance fair attendee. If you ever see a 6’11" guy walking around the Texas RenFest, don't be surprised if you see Duncan himself.

Tim Duncan was nicknamed "Mr. Spock" in college, however, it hasn't lived long or prospered because Duncan prefers the nickname Merlin (hence the tattoo). It’s very rare to find a geeky athlete thriving in professional sports, but Tim Duncan surprised everybody with his love for video games, collecting swords and knives and attending renaissance fairs.

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