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The time Andrew Bynum got suspended for sleeping with the wife of his assistant coach

A crazy NBA rumor that is just one of many of Bynum's mishaps in the league.

Andrew Bynum's career was a true roller-coaster. The talented center came into the NBA straight out of high school as an 18-year-old kid with high expectations on his shoulders. We would see glimpses of the talent at times, but in the end, the low durability and immature character persevered, and Bynum never quite managed to be a consistent star in the league, retiring at only 26 years old. 

However, he still managed to give us plenty of crazy and hilarious stories on and off the court, with the rumor of him sleeping with the wife of his assistant coach being on the top of the list.

A big kid

At 7'0'' with the strength, mobility, and low-post game, Bynum really had the complete package for a center that only really showcased during the 2012 season, averaging 18.7 ppg and 11.8 rpg, notching an All-Star appearance and All-NBA selection. He also played a part in the Lakers winning two rings, but that was the peak of Andrew's career. Many people thought he would become the best big man in the league over the 2010s, but everything went downhill from there.

A knee injury and the trade to Cleveland was practically the end of Bynum's career, who only played 24 games with the Cavs and 2 games with the Pacers before hanging it up. It was rather disappointing and sad that Bynum's legacy got remembered for various incidents like getting fined for being late to games, shooting irrational three-pointers and getting benched, rehabbing his knee in the Playboy mansion, and eventually getting suspended for allegedly sleeping with the wife of Jamahl Mosley, his assistant coach in Cleveland.

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Bynum didn't leave much of an impact in Cleveland, playing in only 24 games, averaging 8.4 ppg and 5.3 rpg, but this incident left much more of a mark. In 2014 the Cavs would come out with a statement that Bynum has been suspended for conduct detrimental to the team, having to stay away from the team and all basketball activities. Nobody knew what it was about, but then a rumor about Bynum sleeping with Mosley's fiancee at the time came out.

The situation never got confirmed, and nobody can say with 100% that this story is true, but knowing Bynum's immature and unpredictable behavior, everything's possible. Nowadays, Bynum is deep into his retirement, while Mosley has made his way up the ranks in the NBA, finally getting a head coaching job with the Orlando Magic this season.

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