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The story behind Dennis Schroder’s blond spot and Rasheed Wallace bald spot revealed

Rasheed Wallace & Dennis Schroder

Ever wonder what the story behind Dennis Schroder’s trademark blond patch is? What about Rasheed Wallace’s bald spot?

Ever wonder what the story behind Dennis Schroder’s trademark blond patch is? Was it something he really liked as a kid, or was it forced on him? What about Rasheed Wallace’s bald spot? Is it really a bald spot or other biological things? Read on to find out. 

Dennis Schroder’s peculiar hairstyle 

Dennis Schroder was drafted in 2013 by the Atlanta Hawks. Before playing in the NBA, he spent time in the German league, and he looked different there without the trademark blond spot or blond patch on his head. After his rookie year, he sported different hairstyles since then, from skinhead to mini afro to blond patch to blond spot. 

Is it his personal choice? Was it something related to beliefs or some confidence-boosting ritual? Well, unverified sources online claimed it was part of a deal he made with his mom. The mother of Schroder, who hails from Braunschweig, Germany, is said to be a hairstylist. She wanted her son to sport a full blond, to which Dennis said no. The blond patch/spot was a way to compromise. It gave Schroder an identity, and he kept it since. Players have personal beliefs and rituals or habits, and if the 28-year-old thinks he looks good and plays even better with them, he just needs to do his thing. Whatever floats his boat.

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Meanwhile, a lot has been curious about the white spot on top of Rasheed Wallace’s head. Was it a color patch? Bald spot or something else?

Rasheed Wallace’s bald spot explained

Wallace’s white spot is visible when the camera focuses on the back or top of his head. A quick online search yields it may likely be a bald spot, while many others think it’s a birthmark. Other commenters claim it was a gray spot, and Sheed shaved it off. Whatever the reason is, it became his trademark and it did not stop him from dominating games.

Aside from that peculiar thing on his head, Rasheed Wallace also became popular for getting thrown out due to technical fouls. In the 2000-01 season, he had 41 technical fouls, a record that still stands today. Because of this, the NBA had to implement a rule change, capping technical fouls for players to 15 every season before getting a suspension. 

There you have it. The mysteries behind Dennis Schroder’s blond spot and Rasheed Wallace’s bald spot have been solved. It never bothered them nor hindered their performances on the court, but for the sake of those curious, you can now all put the theories to rest. 

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