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The last time LeBron James flew on a commercial flight

Being rich and famous has a lot of perks, but there are also random things we take for granted superstars (and their wives) really miss.
Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James

LeBron James

Being LeBron James has a lot of perks, but it also means some things are just off the table for you. LA Times reporter Dan Woike shared an interesting detail about LeBron James that paints a perfect picture of what it's like to be one of the most recognizable celebrities in the world. 

The chosen one

As a senior in high school, LeBron knew he was destined for big things. It wasn't a sixth sense he had - a lot of wealthy, powerful people were fighting for his attention and business partnership. One of the most impressive things about James is how well he navigated those dangerous waters. But that doesn't mean there weren't mistakes along the way. One of his biggest missteps happened at the beginning of his journey. 

For his 18th birthday, LeBron James drove up to school in a custom-fitted H2 Hummer, which had a base retail price of $50,000. The Ohio High School Athletic Association launched an investigation into James, suspecting this was a gift from an agent or some other outside source. After two weeks, the investigation concluded LeBron's mom Gloria managed to prove the car was purchased via a loan she took out in the bank. Probably the same way the NBA concluded LeBron's connections to Klutch don't break any rules either. 

Before even playing in the NBA, LeBron knew a lot of luxury was coming his way. How much? As the season went along, and it became clear the Lakers were not title contenders, players surprisingly loosened up. Accepting the trajectory they were on made everyone more relaxed and open. So after a game, Dan Woike asked LeBron a peculiar question, particularly as they had just embarrassingly lost a game to the Blazers without Dame or CJ in the lineup.

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“After the game, we talked to LeBron about when the last time he flew coach was. We're hanging out in a hallway, we've done our media for the night and we were having this discussion “When do you think was the last time LeBron was on a commercial airline?” It was like when he was 18.“ 

Dan Woike, The Press Box

LeBron added an asterisk, mentioning there might have been an international flight that was a commercial one (no doubt first class if it happened.) But basically, since he was 18 years old, LeBron probably never drove a car cheaper than that $50,000 Hummer and never flew on a commercial flight. 

Happy wife, happy life

That little detail gives a small glimpse into how different a life superstar athletes live. It sounds luxurious, but to me, it also sounds very lonely. LeBron's so famous he can't go anywhere and have a normal interaction with regular people. 

“The next thing you know he talks to us about how he can't go to Target, and how it drives his wife crazy because she wants them to go to Target.”

Dan Woike, The Press Box

Happy wife, happy life, right? Guess LeBron's going to have to get a Target store to open up doors after hours. 

I'm sure we'd all accept never going to Target for the rest of our lives for 1% of the money and influence LeBron has. But we shouldn't take for granted we're able to do regular, everyday things, and not be pulled by our sleeve a million times. Interact with people in our community and not have to assess every person we meet and what their angle might be. 

But yeah, I'm all good with not going to Target and just fly private whenever I want. (If my girlfriend is reading this - I'd never actually do it, I know it's bad for the environment.)


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