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The Birth of a Superstar

What constitutes an NBA star and/or superstar?
February 11, 2008; Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James vs. Orlando Magic

LeBron James

Whether or not a player is drafted as a lottery pick, late in the 1st round, or even in the second round doesn't determine his ceiling.

If we look at the league today, there are players that are considered a bust. This happens for a few reasons, but it's mostly due to pressure or getting lost in the transition process. For example, a versatile forward at the collegiate level might turn out to be unidimensional in the NBA -- adjusting to a different level of physicality has a lot to do with that. Another reason is the coaches may not be as adept at figuring out how to help the player adjust and improve their skill set.

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What constitutes a star/superstar?

What constitutes a star and/or superstar? 

A star is someone who is able to perform consistently at a high level. A superstar is a player that performs at a high level and is capable of doing several impactful things, even during late-game situations. Being adored (or hated) by the fans also goes into the NBA superstardom, but no matter what, guys at that level always find a way to make a difference.

The journey to becoming a superstar, a player that a franchise picks to center their team around in hopes of winning a championship, starts in the developmental years. Junior high is really when players truly begin to understand game situations and how to execute during those situations. The sooner they are able to make the correct decision, the faster they grow. 

It's all about the experience

As the players mature and work on their game and practice, they grasp the concept of the sport. For those who are blessed with athletic abilities, it pushes them to new heights with each new game experience. As they play against the bigger, faster, more skilled competition, they themselves learn how to react as well as counteract; they get to understand that the game is mental as well as physical. 

Being able to read the game as it flows enables fascinating plays, that might lead to outstanding performances. When this is the case, we're witnessing stardom. When you add some flare to it, you're talking about superstars

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