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The best sets of brothers in NBA history


Blood is thicker than water. That statement is definitely true, as we often see particular siblings and families be successful in the same field. Sports are usually a good example, with numerous siblings being great in their field. The NBA is no different, as we had 70+ sets of brothers in NBA history. From 2 to even to 4 siblings, we have seen it all. Some are well known, while others are a bit of a bit of a secret. Here are some of the best, along with honorable mentions:

Lamelo and Lonzo Ball

Although these two were put into the spotlight early because of their erratic father, both Lonzo and LaMelo exceeded all the expectations. After a shaky start to his career, Lonzo has found a home in Chicago. Zo is the perfect point guard and floor general, improving year in and year out, as he is the ideal team player.

On the other side, the flashy LaMelo made his mark in the NBA from the jump. The young Hornets star has an exciting style of play and confidence around him that oozes a winning attitude. Considering how good Melo is already, you can see him becoming an All-Star and even better than his older brother. 

If the middle brother LiAngelo manages to finally find his way into the NBA, the Ball brothers would have the perfect trifecta, and we would never hear the end of it from LaVar.

Dominique and Gerald Wilkins

We all know about "Nique." The Hawks legend is widely regarded as one of the best dunkers in NBA history. Alongside being one of the best leapers ever, Dominique is a 9x All-Star and a member of the NBA's Top 75. 

Dominique is well-known in the NBA world, but his little brother Gerald was also a solid player, playing for 14 years and averaging 13.0 ppg. Mostly known for his days with the Knicks in the '80s, Gerald was nowhere near Dominique's level but still a hell of a player.

Pau and Marc Gasol

The two Spanish big men could very well be the best set of brothers the NBA has ever seen. After all, we are talking about two All-Stars and champions that left a significant mark on the NBA. Aside from resembling each other psychically, the two shared a very similar playstyle. Skillful, soft-touch, intelligent, and smooth in the post, the Gasol's achieved a lot in the NBA and international basketball. 

The fact they got traded for each other in the notorious Grizzlies-Lakers deal also is one of the craziest events in NBA history. That move gave Kobe the help he needed to win two more rings, while Marc became a Grizzlies legend.

Stephen and Seth Curry

What more can be said about Steph Curry that already hasn't been said. The greatest shooter of all time just broke the record for all-time three-pointers made earlier this week, as he is continuing to establish his illustrious legacy. 

His brother Seth was more of an after-thought in the NBA world, battling for a secure spot in the league for years. But Seth has definitely proved over the past few years that shooting runs in the family. Seth is having some of his best numbers ever in Philly and establishing his name amongst the best shooters in the NBA. You know Dell is proud.

Tom and Dick Van Arsdale

These two names might be a bit of an unknown for the younger fans, but Tom and Dick were the most famous twins in the NBA back in the '60s. The two wings, both came out of Indiana, got picked high in the 1965 Draft, achieving great careers. It's hard to differentiate them, as they both made 3x All-Star teams and ended up averaging similar numbers. The two were twins in every sense of the way.

Giannis, Thanasis, Kostas and Alex Antetokounmpo

Now the Antetokounmpo family is the true definition of an athletic DNA. All four are athletic freaks and successful in their career. Giannis, as the oldest one, is naturally the best. Arguably one of the best players in the game, 2x MVP and champion, Giannis still has a lot of time to even further propel his legacy.

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His brother Thanasis is keeping him company in Milwaukee and expanding his role more and more by the season. He is a rotation piece that could serve as a valuable role player in the years to come. 

Kostas was also drafted into the NBA a few years back, spending most of his time with the Lakers G-Leauge affiliate. But Kostas has decided to build his game in the Euroleague and eventually find his way back to his two older brothers.

The youngest one, Alex, got picked late in this year's Draft by the Raptors, as he is playing for their G-League affiliate and slowly working towards becoming an NBA player. All the tools and talent are there. 

I'm pretty sure that in a few years, we could see all four of the Antetokounmo brothers playing in the NBA at the same time, maybe even all together at the same time. That would be a sight to see.

Honorable mentions:

George and Ed Mikan

Bernard and Albert King

Jon, Brent and Drew Barry

Miles, Mason, and Marshall Plumlee

Jrue, Justin, and Aaron Holiday

Mo and Franz Wagner

Horace and Harvey Grant

Marcus and Markieff Morris

Will, Major, Charles, and Caldwell Jones

Al and Dick McGuire

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