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THAT TIME DENNIS SCOTT YELLED AT THE KIDS in his summer basketball camp: "Don't ask me for an autograph, ask me about the rage inside me."

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A very peculiar series of events took place at Dennis Scott's 3D basketball camp back in Virginia back in 1997. During the camp's last day, Dennis had just apparently suffered a breakdown and decided to give a long and bizarre speech to the kids at his summer camp.

Scott started telling the children about his issues as if he spoke to a psychiatrist or perhaps sharing with his AA group. He started yelling that he didn't want to be called 3D anymore and talked about the media and how it was unfair and wrong to portray him as a drug user. If you look at the video closely, you'll see him holding the newspaper in his hand.

He then continued this complete lunacy by playing crazy loud music and in particular an inappropriate song by the Notorious BIG and then he told the children the following:

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Don't ask me for an autograph, ask me about the rage inside me.

Dennis Scott

Can you imagine what the poor campers must have been thinking? Or even worse, what their parents thought when the kids told them the story.

The camp cost approximately $200 per camper, and a couple of hundred children signed up. Eventually, all of the families were refunded, but perhaps the entire story's craziest thing is that his own kid was there to see his fathers' meltdown.

The video is even better then you might think.


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