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“Stupidest things in the world” — Lou Williams, Kenyon Martin, and Allan Houston recall their first big purchases

Oh, the perks of being an NBA player — laughing off their most regrettable expensive purchases.
Philadelphia 76ers guard Lou Williams, New Jersey Nets forward Kenyon Martin, New York Knicks forward Allan Houston

Lou Williams, Kenyon Martin, and Allan Houston

An average NBA player's first big paycheck is probably equivalent to a whole year's salary of most fans. That's why these professional players will tell you firsthand that it's common for them to go all out once they get their first incredibly huge paycheck. For Allan Houston, Kenyon Martin, and Lou Williams, it was no different.

Bring out the Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, S600, and Ferrari

The common theme among the expenses of Houston, Martin, and Williams is that they all used their first check on fancy cars — which most NBA players do. However, sometimes they get caught in the hype or excitement of having a massive load of cash that they end up spending on something they regret. For Houston, this was the case.

"I got an S600 all white with all white insides, how dumb is that? All white. I don't know why, how dumb I was, it got dirty so fast. I ain't want nobody in the car after a while. Don't eat, don't drink no water in here. The stupidest thing in the world, man," the former All-Star, who played 12 years in the NBA, said.

In Williams' case, the former Sixth Man of the year admits that he was in high spirits when he purchased his first luxurious car but regrets doing so because it ended up tearing down.

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"I bought a Ferrari and a Lamborghini within a few months of each other, and I had both of 'em. I think that's when I was tripping and I was in Philly. I tore that Lamborghini up. It had the low spoiler on it, yeah I was killing that Lamborghini. I had to get rid of that s**t," Williams said.

As for Kenyon Martin, he mentioned that he was blinded by the Rolls Royce he saw on the way to an Aston Martin dealership (where he initially wanted to go to) which convinced him to purchase the grand vehicle instead.

Aston Martin dealership in Dallas. I'm on my way to the dealership. It's another dealership before the Aston Martin dealership. I don't know what Rolls Royce is. What is that? You turn around to the Rolls Royce. That's when the Phantom first came back. It's on the showroom floor. I'm on the phone asking, 'Dude, how much you say it is?' He say, 'I need you to wire right now 349,000 dollars.' I didn't even make it to the Aston Martin dealership,” Martin, who played in the league for 15 years, said.

The good news is that the money kept on coming

Houston and Williams might have regretted their corresponding luxurious purchases, but at least none ended up going broke. Houston reportedly still has a net worth of $55 million, while Williams and Martin are estimated to be around $16 million and $60 million, respectively.

Safe to assume that, unlike most people around the world, professional athletes like Houston, Williams, and Martin can laugh off their regrets and expensive purchases. Oh, the perks of being an NBA player. 


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