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Thanks to an exclusive Basketball Network interview with Bryant Stith, we can share with you something previously unknown about one of the greatest shot blockers in NBA history, Dikembe Mutombo.

Mutombo, famous for his signature finger wave was one of the most dominant international basketball players in league history. Apart from being a defensive specialist and physically tough player, he became a fan favorite thanks to his contagious personality, and unique Congolese charisma.

Stith and Mutombo were teammates when they both played for the Denver Nuggets back in the early 90s. During their time together they became good friends.

According to Stith, they created a special bond because they used to drive together from Colorado to the East Coast when the season was over. Since Dikembe used to stay in Washington D.C. during the off-season, and Stith was a Virginia native, it made sense for the two to road-trip together.

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Now, according to Stith the two would load up their trucks and hit the 1600 mile road until they reached the east coast. The most interesting part about their road trips was the fact that Dikembe apart from having a thing for trucks, had a need for speed.

"Dikembe used to drive so fast! I mean, when we got out of Colorado and in Western Kansas, he used to drive 90-95 miles per hour. And I was scared to death because I thought if we ever got caught they would put us in jail."

Bryant Stith, ">"1-ON-1 with BRYANT STITH"

Very interesting considering Dikembe doesn't seem like an adrenalin junkie in that sense. We're just glad he and Bryant never got into any real trouble with the law or worse.

Check out the excerpt from the video below:


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