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SKIP ROASTS DWIGHT HOWARD “At least I don't look like Tarzan and sometimes play like Jane”


Whether you like the guy or not, Skip Bayless is nearing the status of the industry legend. The guy has been covering the NBA for decades, and over that time, he's become the epitome for bad basketball takes. The way I see it, that was his strategy all along. It was his way of differentiating from others.

Although his takes don't indicate it, I see Skip as a very intelligent individual. The guy has made a business of himself by going on TV and talking nonsense. His purposely controversial comments have become a trademark of Skip's and are the foundation his whole career lays upon. The strategy is always the same; say something on the verge of debatable, and wait until it catches fire. And if it doesn't, switch on it.

Calling Skip an NBA analyst is absurd. Saying he's a TV personality is much more accurate. Even saying that he's a star of a reality show isn't far from the truth. Him and Shannon Sharpe talking about sports has become a must-see TV. And although you won't hear a mind-blowing take regarding basketball, an entertaining factor is a guarantee. And that's how it's always been with Skip. He's always been an inexhaustible source of amusing anecdotes.

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Just look at how he roasted Dwight Howard while working on his former network. After Dwight questioned his credibility, saying he's never played any sports and thus implicating that his critics have no merit to them, this is how Bayless responded.

“Well, at least I don't look like Tarzan and sometimes play like Jane.”

Skip Bayless

Ouch! That was right around the time Dwight was being called soft for his play. It all started with Kobe Bryant calling him that, and Skip sure capitalized on it. Now, what Dwight had said was also insidious. It's the criticism all NBA media guys are facing; if you've never played basketball, who are you to criticize anyone? And that's fair to some degree, especially towards guys like Skip, who all they do is criticize.

Nevertheless, it was an epic TV moment that featured Skip Bayless, who once again proved he's more of a TV personality than actually being any sort of NBA analyst. He once again showed an entertaining side to him, striking back to Howard's blow below the belt, not sparing Superman in the process. Or Tarzan? Jane??

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