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Skip Bayless fired back at Russell Westbrook — “I'm happy to talk face-to-face”

The drama continues in the most obvioust way possible.
Los Angeles Lakers guard Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook

There may no longer be NBA action, but that doesn't mean the drama has stopped — especially for Los Angeles Lakers point guard Russell Westbrook. Over the weekend, Westbrook and his family called out Fox Sports' Skip Bayless for coining and constantly using the term "Westbrick" when he refers to All-Star on-air or on his podcast.

Russell, in particular, told Bayless not to say this term if he can't find the courage and say it straight to his face.

Skip accepts Russell's offer

Twenty Four hours after, Bayless responded to Westbrook by telling him that he's willing to confront him about this face-to-face and even challenged the Laker to show up on his TV show (specifically Undisputed) or his podcast. Bayless even said Westbrook, who is expected to opt into his $47 million contract next season, is the most overpaid player in the NBA history.

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Since Bayless sent out his tweet, Westbrook hasn't responded and probably won't take the long-time analysts' offer to show up on one of his shows. Skip also accused Westbrook of playing the victim in this scenario and said that if Westbrook doesn't want to be called "Westbrick," then maybe he can shut him up by actually playing better.

Note that the reason why Bayless popularized the term "Westbrick" in the first place is because of the point guard's inability to knock down shots on the court.

The Westbrook family should know better

It's never right to mock a person's last name, especially since this directly involves their family and loved ones, so it's perfectly justifiable for the Westbrook family to be exasperated. However, Westbrook should also understand that calling out Bayless on Twitter does nothing but help him garner eyeballs, clicks, and a week-worth of content, especially since this is how Bayless earns his paychecks. (Ever heard of the Streisand effect?)

The fact that the Westbrook family caused a scene online will only benefit Bayless and trigger his religious followers to mock their name even more. Remember, Bayless went through this same situation with Chris Bosh, to the point that the latter even showed up on his show for a one-on-one debate.

Skip knows exactly what he's doing and is, frankly, winning in this case just because he got a reaction out of not just Russell but also his family members.

Again, the Westbrook family has every right to fight Bayless on this matter, but at the end of the day, there's no denying that Skip and his network benefit the most in this regard. It's unlikely that Fox Sports will let go of their most popular sports analyst, who they pay millions to do precisely what Bayless is doing to Westbrook.

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