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Shaquille O'Neal shares how con artists are preying upon NBA players: "This person works for Dr. Boudreaux, and you could be in danger"

Shaquille O'Neal

Shaq remembers a specific All-Star weekend in Minneapolis in the early days of his career when one of the players was caught with a transvestite

Being an NBA player has a lot of perks and benefits ordinary people can hardly comprehend, and it's truly one of the best professions in the world. However, according to the legendary Shaquille O'Neal, NBA players are often targets of various con masters trying to exploit their status, fame, and wealth.

NBA life can get crazy

When young basketball players get drafted by an NBA team, their entire life turns upside down, and it's a unique opportunity to make a name for themselves while making a lot of money while having fun playing basketball. However, despite all the great things that come with being an NBA player, there are also things young players need to be careful about because not everyone has good intentions. Players are often targets of various con artists preying upon them and being very imaginative in their approach to exploit players from their money and reputation.

In his book "Shaq Talks Back", a former NBA player and an absolute legend of the game, Shaquille O'Neal talks about what he experienced while playing in the league for over 15 years. He remembers a specific All-Star weekend in Minneapolis in the early days of his career when one of the players was caught with a transvestite, and his mom organized a meeting with the league and the players to address the issue.

"What's for sure is that NBA life can get crazy. You have to be careful. At that same All-Star Game in Minnesota where I met Prince, someone's mom called an emergency meeting of all the players. The story was, one of the All-Stars got caught with a transvestite. Everybody started looking around, trying to figure out who it was."

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Con Artists are preying upon NBA players

According to Shaq, a con artist under the code name Dr.Boudreaux would send out pretty girls to bait NBA players, drug them, and then take compromising pictures of them. Soon after, they would receive those pictures in the mail with a warning he would send them to the media if they didn't pay him a pretty hefty amount of money.

"One of the security people told us the transvestite was working for Dr. You-Know-Who. That meant Dr. Boudreaux. Anyway, that was his street name. He was this con artist who used to send girls down to the bars to meet pro athletes. They would put something in your drink and try and get you back to your room before you got completely knocked out. The next thing you knew, two weeks went by, and you would receive pictures in the mail of yourself with another man. Supposedly, this Dr. Boudreaux would tell you to send him $200,000, or he would send those pictures to a magazine. Rumor was, he had scammed a couple guys in the NBA and a couple of guys in the NFL. I'm not sure if I believed the stories, but they scared everyone at that meeting."

After it was revealed what happened, nobody was sure whether to believe the story, followed by a laugh from the players present at the meeting. However, Shaq noticed that every one after that meeting was super careful, and you could mostly see them with either their wives or girlfriends.

"The NBA security guy came flat out and said, "You know who you are. Don't make a scene. You need to come to see me now. This person works for Dr. Boudreaux, and you could be in danger." Most of us were looking around and laughing. But I'll tell you what. The rest of All-Star weekend, I don't think you saw one guy walking around with a girl other than his wife or girlfriend."

We've witnessed multiple scandals that involved NBA players throughout the years, so something like this doesn't come as much surprise. There are people out there like the so-called Dr.Boudreaux that preys upon NBA players, and they have various methods of getting their way. Hopefully, players are informed and aware of those things, so they have ways of avoiding these con artists and surrounding themselves with people they trust. We all know how hard that can be when you are rich and famous, and you can't put your trust in everyone you meet.


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