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Roy Jones Jr. wanted to fight a guy who said Michael Jordan is not the best player on the Chicago Bulls

roy jones & jordan

Numerous NBA analysts and fans would agree Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. They wouldn't be wrong for making that claim even though multiple former NBA players believe other legends of the game deserve that recognition and how basketball was played before Jordan came into the league.

Former boxing champion Roy Jones Jr. is a big Jordan fan who doesn't accept that anybody is better than him when it comes to basketball. In an interview, Jones shared a story when he almost got into a fight about whether Jordan was the best to play the game of basketball. He lost his nerves when someone approached him in a heated debate and said Scottie Pippen was better than Jordan. Jones remembers he was ready to start a fight with the guy because of the comments he made.

That was the only time I lost my cool. It was when the Bulls were winning a lot. I have always been a Michael Jordan fan. This guy comes up to me and says, 'Scottie Pippen is the best player on that team'. I stopped. I said, don't ever say that around me again. Matter the fact I'm going home because If you say that one more time to me, I'm going to jail, you understand me? I'm going to jail.

Roy Jones Jr.

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Roy Jones Jr. is known as someone who is not afraid to speak his mind no matter what the topic is about, and in this specific case, he was triggered after hearing Pippen was better than Jordan. There is no doubt Pippen was a crucial player in Bull's success for those six championships, but Jordan set the expectations high for that team and was the main driving force behind their historic success in the NBA.

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