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Ray Lewis talks about the NBA players that could make a transition to the NFL

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NBA players are one of the best and most gifted athletes in the world, and whether they can play other sports and be successful at them is an interesting question. On the show, Area 21, Kevin Garnett hosted Ray Lewis, who played as a linebacker for 17 seasons for the Baltimore Ravens. He shared his thoughts on the current players in the NBA that could make a smooth transition to the NFL.

He said players taller than 6'8" for the most part wouldn't be so dominant in NFL because they are too slow and would be an easy target on the field. He did mention two players come to his mind that could potentially be an excellent fit for the NFL. Lewis said Kyrie Irving and Kawhi Leonard could play a free-safety, and Irving would be in the role of a slot receiver.

"You would have to go with smaller guys, the more athletic ones. I would take Kawhi Leonard, and you can see him as a nice free-safety. He could even play a slash running back. You take Kyrie Irving and put him as a slot receiver where they can use the same kind of skills, which is faking people out and getting wide open. "

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When it comes to the fastest players in the NBA like John Wall and Kyrie Irving, Lewis said the only position they could play in the NFL as a slot receiver. There was a debate on whether a superior athlete like LeBron James can play in the NFL. Despite him being a football player in high school, according to Lewis, it's not sure he would be a successful player because of his height and the difference in training.

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