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Ray Allen reveals what's the most important thing to work on if you want to be a great shooter

ray allen

Even to this day, Ray Allen is considered by many to be the greatest shooter of all time. Allen in some ways even revolutionized the shooting guard's position, by setting the bar really high in terms of shooting the ball extremely well and with confidence from almost any part of the floor at any time.

During his long career, he was able to, recreate himself as a different player often adapting to the needs of his team. In his early days with the Bucks and the Sonics Allen was a vicious slasher and attacked the rim more than in later stages of his career with the Celtics and Heat.

Apart from being extremely talented, Ray Allen is known for his immense work ethic which enabled him to be completely prepared for any moment, no matter if it's a game 7 of the NBA finals or a regular season game. No matter of the circumstance, you could count Allen will come physically and mentally prepared.

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One of the things, Ray Allen is known for is his ability to stay in shape and he shared a couple of tips on what players need to work on if they want to be great shooters.

Just a little pointer for all you to be striving to be a great jump shooter. I learned during the course of my career that the most important part of your shot, of your body, typically in any sport is your base, your core. So you have to work on your abs, you gotta work on your midsection and you definitely have to work on your legs.

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