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Michael Jordan shares which sport is the most racist

MJ is trying to make a change!
Michael Jordan at NASCAR

Michael Jordan at NASCAR

We all know Michael Jordan was a freak competitor in the sport of basketball. Even though golf was and has remained his second love since his playing days, MJ dived into another sport in his retirement, getting heavily involved with NASCAR, despite it being a predominantly white field. But MJ wants to break barriers.

Supporting Bubba

Michael took an interest in the racing industry over the past few years, becoming the owner of 23XI Racing, an American professional auto racing organization that competes in the well-known NASCAR Cup Series. Naturally enough it is the team has the only black driver in the field, Bubba Wallace.

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Bubba made history last year when he became the first African-American to win a Nascar race since 1963 and Wendell Scott. The emotional victory meant a lot for Wallace, Jordan, and the whole community, as it signaled a beginning of a new era -- one that Michael wants to be a massive part of.

MJ has invested a lot of his personal money into the sport and the fight for equality in NASCAR, despite it being a historically one-dimensional organization. Michael explained his view on the whole situation and why he cares so much about making a change.

"It inspires me that you're making a difference in a sport that no one really thought can happen. I feel gratitude, but I feel energized too. Let's keep this thing rolling...This sport needs to change, and it has started the progress of changing...When I dove to get involved with NASCAR, I knew I was diving into the teeth of racism! Knew it, been there, experienced it, but I wasn't afraid of it. I was looking forward to the challenge!"

Michael Jordan, TODAY

Jordan's voice for social issues

Jordan has often been criticized in the past for not being not involved politically or helping out his community, but that is simply because MJ never wanted to publicize this kind of stuff. Jordan has donated over $100 million to black social charities and community health centers.

His involvement with NASCAR and connection with Bubba Wallace are only a tiny sample of Jordan trying to bring change and new winds into the sport. Naturally, there have still been a lot of fans that boo Bubba and show negativity, but that is natural to happen with something new. It's great to see the GOAT do great things off the court even deep into his retirement.

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