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Michael Jordan shares how after basketball, he turned to golf & fishing to keep his “competitive juices working.”

jordan and curry

One of Michael Jordan's biggest passions outside of basketball is undeniably golf, and now that he is retired, he is dedicating a lot of his time to perfect that craft as well. In a recent interview with none other than Steph Curry at the 2021 Ryder Cup, two NBA legends discussed golf and why so many basketball players are starting to play golf after they decide their NBA careers are finally over.

Jordan started playing golf even before he retired from the NBA, and for him, it served as a gateway from all the media publicity and pressure he had to endure throughout his career. He even admitted something that may sound surprising to some: for him, golf is a much more complex sport than basketball. The primary basis for that statement is the sheer fact that you are playing against yourself while in basketball; you react to everything the defense throws at you.

I kinda got into golf mainly because from a competitive standpoint, to me, it's the hardest game to play. I can always respond to an opponent, a defensive guy, an offensive guy, whatever. But in golf, it's like playing in a mirror, and you are battling yourself consistently that you can try and get perfection, every swing, every pud. For a competitive person like me, this is what keeps me sane because when I walked away from the game of basketball, that was enough to keep my competitive juices working. Now that I don't have that game, this game and now I go fishing between my golf because I need to show patience in fishing that it going to be relative to my golf.

Michael Jordan, via Stephen Curry

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A few months ago, Jordan even opened his state-of-the-art golf course, which is a testament to his dedication and love for golf. We've seen him on numerous tournaments, and every bit of free time he has, he is dedicated to the game of golf. That is something that we've seen Steph Curry do a lot lately as well, and just like Jordan, he is not waiting to retire to play golf. That is where they share a connection that brought this interesting interview and exchange between two NBA legends.

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