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Mark Wahlberg talks about his low-key friendship with Michael Jordan — “Michael is a friend of mine”

The friendship resulted in one of the most exclusive lines of Jordan shoes ever.
Actor and entertainer Mark Wahlberg, Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan

Mark Wahlberg and Michael Jordan

Die-hard basketball fans, especially the old heads, are well aware that Michael Jordan likes to keep his inner circle small. Only a few people can be seen hanging out with the GOAT, and if they do, there’s a great chance they’ve been friends with him for quite some time. One of them happened to be Hollywood star, Mark Wahlberg.

A Celtic with a heart of a Bull

Wahlberg was born and raised in Boston, so it’s only fitting that he supports the Celtics. However, he admitted that Jordan and the Chicago Bulls always have a special place in his heart.

I actually didn’t mind when they [the Bulls] would beat the Celtics because Michael Jordan was just the greatest player of all time and one of the most charismatic guys,” Wahlberg told in 2013. “I loved [Dennis] Rodman and I loved [John] Paxson, and what a great guy he is. There were so many great teams, and I certainly can’t deny greatness.

I was so pleased and so happy when Michael came back,” he added. “It’s great to see that kind of talent at that level. I like to see champions win.

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Unique friendship with MJ

Being the Bulls supporter, Wahlberg, who has been rubbing elbows with some of the most famous people in the world, developed a low-key friendship with Jordan, a lasting one that stemmed from being golf buddies.

I’ve always been a big Bulls fan,” the actor revealed. “I was certainly a huge Jordan fan and Michael is a friend of mine. He’s been so kind to my family and my kids.

Wahlberg and Jordan have been tight all these years. In fact, the pair made a special tribute to their friendship by collaborating for the exclusive Jordan 4s: “The Wahlburger.”

The idea popped out en route to the 30th anniversary of MJ’s classic Jordan 4. Jordan, Wahlberg, and the creators came up with a version of the J4s that represent Wahlberg’s Boston roots with its green base color.

What’s even more interesting is that they only manufactured “46 pairs” of the Wahlburger. Mark and “His Airness” split it, owning “23” apiece. And Wahlberg couldn’t help but keep all of them for himself.

People went crazy for them, and it’s hard because I have so many friends who I would want to give the shoes to but we literally got 23 pairs,” Wahlberg said via The Sportsrush. “You know I got 23 pairs MJ got 23 pairs. That was it.

Whatever Wahlberg means to Jordan, no one knows. The only thing certain is that their friendship must be deep as not everyone gets to have that special tribute from the greatest basketball player of all time.

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