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LeBron James was surprised when he found out Magic Johnson resigned from his position


This was another disappointing season by the Los Angeles Lakers and it culminated with Magic Johnson resigning from his position as the President of Basketball Operations. Like with any other hot topic, NBA analysts and fans have different opinions what was the main reason behind Magic Johnson leaving. There were different stories coming out at different times and the answer to the question is not that simple.

There was even some notion that one of the main reason for magic leaving was none other than LeBron James. Of course, those insinuations make no sense, and in a recent interview for HBO Sports, James gave more context about the time when he actually found out Magic was leaving the team.

LeBron felt disappointed in some way, simply because it was Magic who persuaded him to come and play for the Lakers and he didn't even give him a heads up that is unhappy within the team and leaving.

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"I found out from Randy during my stretching session, my right hand comes to me and said that Magic has just stepped down. And I'm like man get the f**k out of my face, you're bulls**tting. I go check my phone I look at it and s**t happened. For me personally, I came here to be a part of Lakers organization and having a conversation with Magic. So it was weird for him to just be like I am out of here. He didn't even have like hey Bron, kiss my a** I am gone. It wasn't even that."

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