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Lamar Odom vs Tristan Thompson and other NBA players feuds over Ex-Wife, Ex-Girlfriends

lamar odom & tristan

The social media beef between Lamar Odom and Tristan Thompson has been a long time coming. Odom is the former husband of Khloe Kardashian. Meanwhile, Khloe is the ex-girlfriend of Thompson. While the scene gets messy, it’s not the first time NBA players feuded over ex-wives and ex-girlfriends.

Tony Parker vs. Brent Barry

Tony Parker and Brent Barry were former teammates on the San Antonio Spurs. Parker was married to Eva Longoria for three years. The relationship did not last long after allegations of cheating surfaced on Tony’s side. The woman involved was Erin Barry, wife of Brent Barry. The four reportedly bonded together regularly, and the French point guard even called the Barrys “like family.” However, allegations of sexting between Erin and Tony were revealed, and the latter confirmed it. The 4-time NBA champion clarified that the relationship was never physical, but things still got awkward with the management after. 

The Spurs just signed him on a long-term contract. But Coach Pop would have traded Parker if he had an expiring deal at that time. Barry has already retired from the team but remains close with the management, staff, and coaches. The Spurs management has built a reputation around the league as an organization that cares deeply about family and good relationships from top to bottom. Parker’s infidelity almost ruined team chemistry, and while he was not traded, he lost his marriage. Longoria’s divorce from Tony was granted in 2010. 

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Derek Fisher vs. Matt Barnes 

Like Parker and Barry, Derek Fisher and Matt Barnes were former teammates in the Los Angeles Lakers. But the incident between them affected the professional relationship between the two. Fisher reportedly dated Gloria Govan in 2015 while they were both married to their partners. The L.A. point guard was still married to Candice, now his former wife, at that time. The two finalized their divorce in 2016. They share four children. 

On the other hand, Barnes and Govan finalized their divorce in 2016. They share co-parenting duties with twin boys who were born in 2008.

Things got physical between the former Lakers teammates when an altercation happened in 2015. However, it seems everything is cool now between Barnes and Fisher. The former even sent his congratulations after the latter, and his ex-wife announced their engagement. You guys want this to be an issue, it’s not! I’ve known about this for a few weeks & I am all for it.. My kids matter to me at this point, that’s it!”Despite not seeing eye to eye initially with Derek, he and I are on the same page and communicate weekly about [my sons]. With that being said, congrats on the engagement!”

Matt Barnes, via People

Stranger things have happened in the NBA. And personal matters such as relationships could get a very public issue because of the personalities involved. Now in the age of social media, players must be extra careful making statements because they always get blown out of proportion by the media, which can affect their public image either negatively or positively.

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