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Kwame Brown shares how the 'bloodsucking' media bashed him throughout the years

kwame brown

Kwame Brown made a lot of noise in the past few weeks, making his voice heard about all the injustice and false information that the media, ex NBA players, and celebrities shared about him. After all the criticism he received throughout the years, Kwame decided to use the power of social media and address all the lies and negative things that were said about him, not sparing anybody with his commentary.

In a recent interview for the BasketballNews podcast, Kwame spoke about the mainstream media and their power to change the narrative and make people look bad without any proof. Kwame witnessed that firsthand ever since he came to the NBA as the first draft pick, and it seemed the media was all over him constructing a lot of the stories that weren't true, disrespecting his name. However, Kwame said he is proud of ex-NBA players who join the media and use their platform to promote a different perspective from the major media outlets pushing the same narrative all the time.

I like to call the media the bloodsuckers. Not all of them, but there is very few media outlets that will tell the truth over the better story. That is why I appreciate a lot of these ex-NBA players that are joining the media because they are not going to treat us like cattle because they understand we have children, we have families, and things of that nature. It's a little bit too late once you put a false story or a story you didn't do your research on, on a quote on quote celebrity. I don't call myself a celebrity because we are all going to get hit with the same embalming fluid. I like to think of myself as just a man, and we are all nothing.

Kwame Brown, via BasketballNews

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Kwame lost most of his respect for the media and many of their members because they use different tactics to make other people look bad. For Kwame, it's all about respect, and if you are willing to show it, he is open to having any serious conversation, just like the one he is sharing with the world right now through his channel.

I respect media that respect people as men. Because when you don't do that is when you have all these Steven A. Smith minions out here that are disrespecting grown men. With me, you have to be respectful. If you come to me and you are respectful, you will get a respectful response. If you don't leave with respect, then I don't need to respect.

Kwame Brown, via BasketballNews

Kwame is one point when it comes to mainstream media and the fact they will usually cover one side of the story while changing the narrative. That is why it's excellent nowadays; everyone has the opportunity to make their voices heard through different social media platforms, just like Kwame did a few weeks ago. Sharing a different perspective on the events of which he was getting negative publicity changed many people's views and what they thought about him.

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