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Kobe Bryant talked about the lack of competitiveness in the All-Star game

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The last couple of All-Star games weren't so competitive, and the fans started complaining about players not putting a lot of effort into something watched by millions of people worldwide. To be entirely fair, the last All-Star game in Chicago brought a lot of excitement, and the players competed, especially in the fourth quarter. According to the late great Kobe Bryant, who was known as a fierce competitor, All-Star games should bring the best out of players and give them a chance to play against all the world's best players on one stage.

Kobe Bryant did an earlier interview on The Knuckleheads podcast, where he talked about the necessary change All-Star game needs to be more attractive for the fans. Bryant was also aware the competitiveness wasn't on an exceptional level for the past couple of years, and you could only see players run up and down the floor, dunking the ball. Bryant believes fans deserve a good game in which players would give their best to win.

"I think the All-Star game, in general, needs a little revamping because it used to be competitive. It used to be competitive and like fans want to see the best pick-up game in the world. Cause that's what this is. They don't want to see you running up and down and dunking, and all this crazy. They want to see what happens when you get this collection of the best basketball players on the planet, and they play, and they go head up against each other. I mean guys play harder in a pick-up game at UCLA and it ain't billions of people watching. I think the All-Star game needs a little change. I always love competing in them, and I didn't lose many of them."

Kobe Bryant, via All The Smoke

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Bryant enjoyed playing with Chris Paul in All-Star games because they would rarely lose and have the same mentality toward competing and winning games. He also said he and Paul would know that when the fourth quarter comes, they are ready to do anything to win the game, and according to Bryant, they rarely lost.

"Me and CP used to talk all the time. I don't think me and CP when we played in an All-Star game, I don't think we ever lost a game. We used to look at each other and say, "Ok, let's go". Fourth-quarter, let's go get them."

Kobe Bryant, via All The Smoke

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