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Kevin Garnett is a big fan of gaming but also sends out a warning about why it can be unhealthy: "I've never played a game more exciting than real life."

Kevin Garnett was always a gamer, but even he realized that there are serious consequences of just playing video games all day long
Kevin Garnett is a big fan of gaming

Kevin Garnett

There is no doubt majority of younger players in the NBA today are also avid gamers that love gaming similar to basketball or maybe even more. Some of them even stream on platforms such as Twitch, while others only play with their friends and family. The younger generation grew up with easy access to gaming consoles or PCs, and online gaming has gone to another level in the last decade. 

Garnett is still a passionate gamer 

Interestingly enough, a member of the old-school era in the NBA, Kevin Garnett, is also a passionate gamer and has been ever since the early 90s. However, back then, not everyone could afford a gaming system, and in his newly published autobiography, he details what it meant for him and his friends to have the opportunity to play on a Sega or Nintendo.

"I love my games. Always have. Growing up, most of my friends couldn't afford a game system. We were always at the houses of the one or two kids who had a Sega or a Nintendo. When I signed with Minnie and moved into my crib, one of the first things I did was go out and buy every game system and a big-ass TV"

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Garnett considers himself a true gamer and is still active in playing different types of genres, no matter if they are related to sports or shooters. He believes they can bring people together and create a positive atmosphere; however, he realized there are also negative sides to spending too much time in front of a screen and inside a house only playing video games. 

"I'm still a gamer to this day. I play everything—sports, shooters, stealth. What's amazing now is how you can be playing some guy on the other side of the world. It's great how games can bring people together. But it can be unhealthy to stay inside for hours at a time and not get out and expose yourself to the world—to the danger and excitement. Especially for kids. You know who's outside? Older kids ready to whoop yo ass. But guess who else is outside? Potential girlfriends and boyfriends. New friends. People. The world."

The negative sides of playing too many video games

Garnett concluded that the element of safety is very important concerning video games because it provides people the opportunity to be inside their houses rather than going outside. It's a fair argument; however, for Garnett personally, there is nothing more exciting than to go out there in the world and experience everything it offers.

"It's safe inside. It's safe to be in front of the screen. But safety can be boring. I love my games. But I've never played a game more exciting than real life.

Garnett made a valid point here about gaming that many younger people neglect these days. Gaming is great and a source of a lot of fun, but there needs to be a balance. We've also seen it in the NBA, where coaches are complaining about their players spending more time in front of a screen than using that time to improve their skills on the basketball court. The younger generation will have to realize that as much as gaming is fun and, in Garnett's words, safe, the world outside still has a lot to offer, and it would be unfortunate if young people wouldn't use that opportunity. 

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