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KD'S MEDIA COMPANY "I'm just trying to create content on the stuff I like"


Thirty Five Ventures - the basis of Durant's business empire - serves as the umbrella for all of their business interests across sports, tech, culture, and more. In such ramified portfolio, working in the media space remains the domain Durant and Rich Kleiman are most involved with.

I'm just trying to create content on the stuff I like. NBA platform is huge, so I'm trying to leverage that, and trying to tell stories.

Kevin Durant, Joe Budden TV

Their media related projects include the award-winning Fox Sports documentary “Q Ball,” the basketball-themed scripted series “SWAGGER,” in partnership with Imagine Entertainment and Apple, as well as two Showtime documentaries called “In The Water” and "Basketball County: In the Water." The latest media venture with KD's name on it is 'A kid from Coney Island,' a documentary on the life and career of Stephon Marbury, and is available on all digital and on-demand platforms.

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Durant's initiation into the media world was 'The Offseason' - a fly-on-the-wall look at his activities over the three months from the team’s playoff exit to training camp, while still playing for the Thunder. Switching teams had Kevin switching projects, as he teamed up with fellow Golden State teammates, celebrities, and fans, in what was a less formal documentary format called 'Parking Lot Chronicles.' While with the Warriors, KD also partnered up with Nike, producing 'Still KD: Through the Noise,' a perpetuation of Golden State's first championship run.

However, both Kevin and Rich were most involved with The Boardroom – the ESPN+ series that collides worlds of sports and business, emphasizing off court ventures of top-tier athletes, as well as business involvement of the biggest tech moguls. However, after airing for two seasons, the network pulled the plug on the show, canceling it from further airing on ESPN+. Following the cancelation, Rich Kleinman wasted no time to follow the fans an alternative.

And so, while no longer being available on ESPN, The Boardroom still appears on Thirty Five Ventures' free platform, and it's still hosting some incredible individuals from the worlds of sport as well as business.

In terms of other ongoing projects, both Rich and Kevin are hosting their own podcasts. Kleiman's 'The Boardroom: Out of Office' launched on August 12, and is already eight episodes into its lifespan. KD’s montly podcast 'The Etc’s with Kevin Durant' is few days from launching, and is envisioned to serve as an audio version of long-form articles about fan favorite topics, with Durant himself being the host.

That's the main incentive behind their media related stuff - having things under control, and doing things their way. No sensationalism. No beefs. No false narratives. Just pure love for the game, and all the benefits that arise from being great at it.

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