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Kareem Abdul Jabbar slams Tucker Carlson for spreading false information about Damar Hamlin's incident

Kareem Abdul Jabbar slams Fox News host Tucker Carlson for spreading incorrect information on the Covid-19 vaccine and Damar Hamlin's collapse
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar & Tucker Carlson

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar & Tucker Carlson

Kareem Abdul Jabbar never shies away from speaking his heart on social topics, especially for a better cause. That is the reason why this 75-year-old NBA legend called out Fox News host Tucker Carlson in his most recent substack piece. The 6-time NBA Champion condemned the culprit for spreading misinformation on the correlation between the Covid-19 vaccine and Damar Hamlin's dangerous collapse in Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals' Monday Night showdown.

Th Damar Hamlin incident triggered Kareem

The American sports world was shocked when Bills' safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field due to a cardiac arrest and was rushed to a hospital so the doctors could revive his heartbeat. Discussing the same, Carlson invited a doctor on his show only to disclose a letter (with no medical or scientific backing) to define a relation between the concerned player's collapse and vaccination status.

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Carlson wasn't the only one on Kareem Abdul Jabbar's radar. Even popular conservative commentator - Charlie Kirk, who vehemently emphasized why Hamlin's tragic incident was connected with his vaccination status, was grilled by the Los Angeles Lakers legend.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar called out Charlie Kirk and Tucker Carlson

The two-time Finals MVP wrote, "For the Two Horsemen of the Apocalypse, (Charlie) Kirk and (Tucker) Carlson, exploiting human misery for personal gain is just good business."

Kareem's substack pieces are an ideal platform for him to express his opinion on different matters. Whether he is right or wrong is a matter of debate, but he indeed made it clear how these media personalities are using a tragic incident to once again gain viewership by creating controversies under challenging times.

According to a report published by the Washington Post, experts have suggested that Damar Hamlin's collapse on the field was primarily due to his rare arrhythmia condition. So, it seems Kareem Abdul Jabbar bashed the culprits after thoroughly reading various reports on what caused Hamlin's heartbeat to stop.

Thankfully, the 24-year-old Bills star is gradually getting stable as he keeps posting his health updates on social media. While the particular encounter was suspended for good, Damar is not expected to return in the entirety of the 2022-23 NFL Season as his team prepares for the playoffs.

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