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Joe Rogan defends Kyrie Irving for the recent backlash he received - "Kyrie is getting in trouble and Amazon is not"

Joe Rogan made an interesting point about the recent Kyrie Irving incident that involved him sharing the anti-Semitic movie on his social media
Joe Rogan & Kyrie Irving

Joe Rogan & Kyrie Irving

It was announced yesterday Kyrie Irving might return to action for the Brooklyn Nets this Sunday after being suspended for five games and paying a hefty fine for his anti-Semitic comments and the fact he shared the infamous film Hebrews to Negroes: Wake up Black America on his social media. This entire incident with the film, alongside his inability to share a clear public apology everyone expected, made him a target, and his already shaky reputation within the NBA has been further decimated in the past few weeks.

Rogan believes Kyrie is not the only one to blame

If you ask the famous podcaster and one of the most influential media people on the planet, Joe Rogan, the true problem lies in Kyrie receiving all the criticism despite Amazon still having the movie on its platform. According to Rogan, having double standards is a big problem in this type of occasion, and he doesn't think Kyrie should have gone through all this scrutiny from the media for just posting a link to this movie while not giving it his full support.

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"Kyrie posted a link in his story to a video, and this is why he is getting in trouble but isn't that video on sale on Amazon, that is the craziest thing ever. Kyrie is in trouble, but Amazon is not. You want all of this from him because he watched a video and he sent a link to it that you are selling. That is fu**ing wild. Meanwhile, the film is still for sale. They want him to give up half a million dollars, they want him to make a public apology, they want him to talk to different leaders, and all he did is post a link. Did he say this video is amazing, and I agree 100 percent with it. The video is for sale on Amazon and that is wild nobody has an issue with that."

The most important thing is for Kyrie to get back on the floor

If you go to Amazon right now, you can find the video on sale in various formats, even as an audiobook which gives more points to the criticism Rogan mentioned in his podcast. Kyrie can't be the only one to blame for this because you have Amazon actively selling it even though they have recently announced they would review it with a possibility of removal from their site.

It would also be naive to think Kyrie promoted this film without watching it or having some type of interest in it. He probably saw it or read it at some point, which may have inspired him in some way, which was why he used his platform to promote it openly in front of millions of followers.

Either way, we hope we see Kyrie back in the starting lineup for the Nets soon because, at the end of the day, he belongs on the basketball court helping his teammates win games. Yeah, he maybe made a mistake by sharing this film on his social media, but mistakes do happen, and there should be more accountability, and criticism pointed toward all parties included in this mess, not just Kyrie. 

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