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Jason Williams talks about what is missing in today's NBA: "I think imagination is slept on nowadays"

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Without a doubt, one of the most entertaining point guards to ever play in the NBA is Jason Williams. Also known as White Chocolate, he mesmerized crowds during his career with some of the best passes and basketball moves in general that were rarely seen on the basketball court before him. Even though he retired almost ten years ago, his highlight reels are still among the most exciting things related to basketball on the internet.

In an interview for House of Highlights, Williams talked about the importance of imagination when playing basketball and its lack in today's game. Williams believes players today are mostly focused on practicing with different coaches who tell them what to do rather than just being imaginative in their approach to playing the game.

"A lot of it comes from imagination. A lot of these kids nowadays are practicing with trainers and things like that. They meet them in the gym for an hour or two, and he tells them what to do. I am not knocking trainers or anything like that, but when I was growing up, I didn't have that trainer, so I was in the gym doing my own thing — thinking of different drills, different situations, and things like that. I think imagination is slept on nowadays."

Jason Williams, via House of Highlights

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It's hard to say players today are not imaginative because there are quite a few of them that can do extraordinary things that will leave you speechless. We haven't seen a player like Jason Williams in the league ever since, even though there have always been flashy guards with incredible ball-handling skills. In that regard, Williams was truly one of a kind, and there will be hardly a player that could do all the things he was able to do, which he made look so effortless.

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